Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Justice's First Haircut - Whoa, That Was Close!

You'd think, after having 5 kids, that we wouldn't make a mistake like this. But, Hey...this is our first Boy! Watch and see....learn from our mistakes. Don't try this at home!


Tabatha said...

Oh my! I couldn't help but laugh!!! I know it wasn't funny at the time, but I am thankful Bro. M caught him.
He's such a handsome li'l man! (Justice ~ not Bro. Michael)

Danielle Pelkey said...

Wow, this made me jump. You could really make a horror film out of this. I also loved the one where Justice finds his nose. I so look forward to those days! I'll see you tomorrow... yeah!!!!!

firewife7 said...

Oh my goodness that was completely unexpected!! It's scares you at first and then once you know he is okay, you just have to laugh!! And yes, you are correct he is a boy! And they are always doing SOMETHING unexpected! ALWAYS!