Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break = Good Times!

My Mom arrived safely Monday morning and was greeted by rainy gray skies but smiling grandchildren! Spring Break is for 2 weeks and I'm as excited about that as the kids are.

We'll be having fun....so I'll write more later and of course post more pics!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dia do Pai - Father's day

Tuesday, Trinity's Kindergarten class had a party for their father's. The idea was for Dad's to stop by in the afternoon to eat a slice of Apple Cake that the kids made and for them to spend a little time playing with their children. Father's day was actually last Friday, but due to other circumstances, they had to postpone the party until Tuesday.

"My Dad" - By Trinity, Age 5

I think I see some resemblance!

Trin's siblings stayed outside on the playground while the party was taking place. (There were way too many kids in that classroom and adding my other 4 to the mix was pure chaos!)

Trin showing us all the cool puzzles she plays with.

Trin and the teacher's aid.

Daddy helping with the puzzles.

Her class.

Justice learning all about 'school'. He will be going next September.

Some of Trin's friends.

Ring around the Rosie - at warp speed.

Trinity had the first time privilege of taking her own pictures. Here are a few of the ones she took.....

Trying to squat down so Trinity wouldn't take a picture pointing up..not a good angle when trying to hide a double chin.

Check her out! 'Sass-y-frass'!

Another aid.

Snotty-nosed boy.

More of 'Sassy-y-frass'!

All is well over here. Staying busy and now preparing for the arrival of my Mom! She will be here on Monday and stay with us through Easter. The kids will have 2 weeks off from school for Spring Break starting Monday. We're praying for great weather and a blessed time together.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springtime Defined

Hat Chick recently asked what springtime meant to me.

Well...here goes.....

To me it means I get to use my clothes line again! This morning I was able to use it 'officially' for the first time this year.

It means the kids have been using the swing in the olive tree.

It means Major won't let anyone outside without first throwing his ball.

It means the plumb trees are blooming.

It means Mom's lazy chair is warming itself in the sun.

But we can still enjoy the spoils of winter....citrus fruits. (These navel oranges are waiting on you Mom!)

And these lemons are crying out to be made into lemonade.

And it means my tiny azaleas are finally blooming.

It means more sunshine and less gray skies. It means more outdoor exercise and it means I am HAPPY!

Happy Hump Day ya'll!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball in a Land of Soccer?

Last Friday we took the girls to basketball practice for the first time. Brooklyn, Faith and Liberty all 3 said they were interested in playing....well, at least trying it a few times in practice to see if they wanted to play.

The coach invited the girls to attend practice for a few weeks to see if they liked it....then they'd discuss prices with us. *gulp* I'm not sure I'm going to like the amount they give me, especially since we'll have to times it times three...(And now 4 times since Trinity wants to play too! Would it be wrong to hope some of them don't like it?!) Yes, that would be wrong.

There are a few things that I don't want my kids to do and one of those is not be able to enjoy something simply because they come from a large family. It's not their fault that have several siblings. Another thing is that I don't want them to ever blame the ministry. Which can be tough at times...even for me.

In a land that knows very little about basketball, our girls had a blast playing a game that makes us feel like Americans!

So here are a few pictures from a proud mama......

Faith and Lib looking on. Not sure what to do!

...still looking on.....

Liberty shooting....

Faith trying to dribble left handed....

Half way through practice the coach came over and asked Trinity why she wasn't playing. Trinity said "no thank you" and turned away. Five minutes later she decided she wanted to try, so Brooklyn walked her out to the coach.

Trying to run past the "pro" players without getting 'out'.......

Trinity trying to shoot....

She spent almost the entire time running across the gym to get her ball where she dribbled it off her foot!

But you can't tell me she wasn't having fun!

Brooklyn stayed home from school sick this day, so we didn't let her play.....bless her heart.

I always loved playing basketball in PE. My grades were never good enough to play on the organized team at the school, but boy I was the "queen" of PE basketball. I was always the tallest. I got to be the center, which I thought was the coolest position. I kept jammed fingers and broken fingernails, but I treasured that ribbon my team won at the end of the 6 week grading period. I never had a problem 'dressing out' when I knew I was going to get to play basketball. I couldn't dribble to save my life but I towered over all the wimpy girls on the other team....intimidation was my strategy. And it worked. We won first place.

My babies......"Lord thank you for these precious gifts!"

Have a great week ya'll

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback - Trinity


Promise not to laugh?

Here I am the night before giving birth to my fourth daughter, Trinity.

Here she is a a few days later.

And a few more days after that, at church for her dedication.

A few months after that with my parrot, Livingstone.

And a few months after that with her Mimi.

And a few years after that, (last month) here she is with her friend Ismael.

My...my..they grow up fast. 'Feels like yesterday'

(......All of us Mom's say it, but it doesn't make it any less true, does it?!)

I know you've been wondering where we've been. Well, we're here, doing just fine. Life seems pretty normal right now. Not much to write about. We're beginning some new phases in the ministry very soon, so hopefully I'll have some updated pics and information about all that next week.

For now, we're going to try to enjoy this weekend that is predicted to have NO rain! That means sunshine. Thank you Lord!

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First of all I want to thank My Lord for bringing my son through a very scary 24 hours. After one trip to the hospital, his symptoms only worsened. Severe breathing problems with a croupy cough. He's doing better today, still not well, but at least he can talk. Where yesterday and last night he couldn't, for lack of oxygen. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't prayed that hard in quite a while.

With all that said.....God is so very Good!
Here is the little knucklehead.....

We've been busy doing what we do. Ministering and raising a family on the mission field. There are no two days alike, and we never lack for something to do. We thank the Lord for His blessings, provisions and guidance.

We just passed the two year mark here in Portugal. My husband and I were on a date the other night at a small neighborhood restaurant. We can walk to it and it's become one of our favorites. It's off the beaten path and purely Portuguese. We always get fantastic olives in which I get to eat all by myself, because my hubby has yet to learn to appreciate them. The waiter comes to the table, tells you what his mother or wife has prepared in the kitchen, and you choose one of the two or three dishes available. This night the choices were goat, veal, and pork loin. As we were waiting for our food I began to think about restaurants in America. It took me a while before I could imagine how food was served. Here it comes "family style". You order a dish and it comes on a platter and you serve it onto your own plate. This makes sharing and trying all the food available on the table quite easy. I like it that way. I had almost forgotten that most restaurants in American don't do that......I'm afraid that when we are able to take a furlough, I may experience a bigger culture shock upon re-entering the States than I did moving here.

The kids are all growing and speaking Portuguese better than me. Trinity, our 5 year old, who didn't speak any Portuguese until she started Kindergarten last fall, corrects my verb conjugation all the time now. It's not fair how easily kids learn.

Spring is on its way here in northern Portugal. My mom will be visiting with us for a few days while the kids are out for Easter. We are looking forward to not only her arrival, but the arrival of pretty weather. Evangelism is so much easier when we don't have to fight torrential rains and cold weather!

Have a great week ya'll!