Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ms. Dawne Hart

Let me introduce you to a friend of ours. This is Dawne Hart, Missionary to Portugal. Dawne is a single lady raising her support to go to Portugal and assist other missionary families in starting Independent Baptist Churches. So, if you're smart, you already know that our family will be working with her in Portugal. We've had the privilege to have her in our home for the last four days. We've stayed up late talking and have decided, with the Lord's guidance, that she is whom we've been praying for. Dawne is a missionary's kid who went to Portugal at age 12. She speaks good conversational Portuguese and has musical talents. (She can play instruments and sings...I do neither of these.) So you see the asset she will be in the ministry. We are thankful that God has provided someone for us to work with. Now, help us pray that God would raise her support quickly so we can all begin the work God has called us yo do. View other info about Dawn here:


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Tabatha said...


Praise the Lord! What a blessing to "meet" Ms. Hart. We will certainly be praying for her and for y'all.
To answer your question on my blog; no, Faith didn't have that quilt while y'all were here. It came a couple of days after you left.