Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We've been home from Wyoming for about an hour now. It's 11:00 pm on Monday night. It's good to hug my girls...I've really missed them. They enjoyed staying with our Pastor's family while we were gone. But, they're glad to be home too. Justice went with Michael and I. It wasn't any fun taking a 13 month old on an airplane, who was sick to begin with. He screamed for the first half hour we were on the plane, and again for the last half hour. I ended up crying too...I felt so sorry for the folks flying on that packed out flight.

Well, we'd not been in Wyoming for 24 hours yet, when it began to snow! I peeked out the front door with my camera to take a picture, when a doe walked right up to me. It could smell supper cooking I believe, and it was looking for some scraps. I ended up tossing it some sweet potatoes and it acted like it wanted to come inside with me. A little later it returned with it's baby. Aren't they called fawns??

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