Friday, December 28, 2007

Seven Weeks To Go

Our monthly support level is now up to just over 90%. We have about 7 weeks left until we leave. Please help us pray the remaining will come in between now and then. With a house waiting on us, and a van in the garage, we are even more anxious to return to Portugal with the kids to stay. Life has been very chaotic for us these last 14 months, and we are ready to get thing back to normal. (Well, as normal as they can be moving to a foreign country!)

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Jenny said...

I remember being right where you guys are right now. Enjoy all the family time you can. I know packing up all your things was hard but just think about when you'll get to open it up again, what fun remembering all the things you got to bring with you! We think of your family often and pray all goes well in these next few weeks.