Monday, December 3, 2007


We are here! We've been here for about 4 days, and I'm really enjoying it. Once you get past the weird smells, small cars that contain an obnoxious driver, and all kinds of sea life in the grocery stores that still have heads including eyes, you'll have a great time. Once we checked into our hotel, we set our thermostat to 27 degrees, showered with cold-one-second-hot-the-next water, then walked down the street to a cafe' for lunch.

Things you always see:

  • Cobble stone streets
  • Bakeries (Yum!)
  • Coffee Shops (They drink LOTS of espresso)
  • Catholic Churches (With bells ringing every 15 min.)
  • Small cars, small parking places and small people
Things don't move as fast here as they do in The States, so securing housing isn't complete yet, but we're much closer than when we arrived. We have an idea about what things cost. (Gas is almost $8.00 American dollars a gallon! Folks here walk A LOT!) So maybe we can loose weight when we move here. After being here for 4 days I am convinced that we American's are spoiled and we certainly over indulge. That is not the case in Portugal.

I hope to write more before we leave, so check back soon. Pray for us please.


Janet Robertson said...

It is so good to hear from you guys. I know you have got to be enjoying your trip. I think I would like to go to Portugal. I think. I would have to take Savannah and Johnathan with me. By the way, Savannah loved her birthday gift. She totes the note books around with her practically the whole time she is here. We love y'all. Take care. Janet

Tori said...

Hey I was just surfing and I'm so surprised at how much Portugal and Croatia look alike. The Dalmatian coastline in Croatia could easily be mistaken for pictures of Portugal.