Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cluttter, Snow & Good-Byes

First, let me apologize for not writing in a while. This last week has been a whirlwind of packing, cleaning, packing some more, throwing away when it doesn't all fit, and trying it again. I'm really amazed at how much I've gotten rid of. If I thought that I could use something again I refused to throw it away. Honestly, as a frugal housewife, I thought that was my duty. My thought pattern has been one likes it when that happens and I am not the exception. Imagine a few days, I'll be in my new house that is 100% clutter free! I guess there are upsides to all this adapting and adjusting.

We are now staying in a hotel just down the road a bit from our home church. To remove the last of the furniture from our little rental house and clean it up before we left, it required us leaving. So we are spending the weekend at the hotel as we finish up the house. Today, our home church hosted a type of "going away" service for us. Several visitors from other states as well as close by came to be a part of it. We had good preaching, good singing, and of course, good eating. It was humbling to see some of the folks that drove upwards of six hours, just to say goodbye to us.

The picture above was taken last week. Our kids haven't seen snow in...well...forever I guess. The Lord sent us a pretty little "dusting". Just enough for the kids to play. We had already packed all the winter coats and gloves, so I improvised as all good moms do in dire circumstances. They had all sorts of "odd and end" pieces of clothing on to stay warm, complete with Daddy's socks on their hands. The girls are convinced that God sent that little bit of snow just for them. They certainly won't see any snow where we will be in Portugal, so this was their last chance to see it, and God came through for them....sounds like something HE would do, huh?

This very well may be my last post before we leave. I will try to post more, but please understand if it doesn't get done. If I'm not able to, I will once we get the internet at our new home. No telling how long that will take. Please pray for we pray for you.


The Kenney Family said...

We can honestly say; "we know what you're going through." We remember our yard sales, good will trips, and the big pile of trash we left for the trash men the day we left our home. It has been almost three months since leaving for Chile, and the adjustment has been much smoother than we thought.
We will be praying for you guys, and look forward to the post that will be made from Portugal. We appreciate your friendship, and although we will be a world apart we are thankful that we can share our experiences. God bless you guys!
The Kenneys

Anonymous said...

I can not believe the time has come for you to go. It seems like just a few months ago this all started. I know for you it seemed longer. I cant wait for you to post an update from your new home. And cant wait to talk to the girls so they can tell me what they think of the new home and how they liked the plane trip. Hope they enjoy the Valentine candy.
I sure love you all and it goes without saying that I miss you!!

Grace said...

Hi Nina~Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I hope we will be able to get to know each other better. It must be so exciting to be on your way to Portugal. I'll keep your family in prayer as you to travel and get settled into your new home.
I noticed that your home church is also the sending church of the Bro. and Mrs. Jerry Sellers. When my husband and I took our survey trip to Nepal the Sellers actually allowed us to stay in their apartment while they were back here in the States, it was such a blessing. While in Nepal we were also able to visit the Collins Children's Home where they work...what a neat ministry! As we travel it seems that we meet more and more people who have some kind of connection to someone we really is a small world!