Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our Biggest Fan

This is my cousin Danielle Pelkey and her precious daughter Raygan. Danielle is my cousin, and the office manager for The North Jefferson News. I believe she may be "our biggest fan." She wrote this article a few weeks ago:

This past weekend held lots of exciting events for our
One exciting thing was the snow that fell on Saturday.
We were so happy about it that we bundled up Raygan,
took her outside and threw snowballs at each other.
Of course Raygan didn't enjoy it as much as we did.
And let me clarify that we did not throw snowballs at
Raygan. It was so out of the ordinary to have such beautiful,
white snow fall. It wasn't the four inches that we
were promised, but I'll take whatever we can get for
Alabama weather.
Another exciting thing that happened was the
missionary conference that was held at Lee's Chapel
Baptist Church. My dad has pastored this church for
more than 15 years and they were my home church for
most of that time. I still feel like I'm coming home
each time I visit.
The feeling was the same this weekend as we enjoyed an
international dinner before the Saturday evening
service. My cousin, Michael Andrzejewski, preached the sermons
throughout the conference. Michael, his wife Nina and
their five children, were called to be missionaries to
Portugal. They will be leaving on Feb. 18.
Along with this calling comes the hard decision to
leave your family and everything that is comfortable
to you and call another country your home.
They will not be returning for another five years, at
which time they will only visit for a short time and
then head back to their new home to continued their
work on the mission field.
I had never heard the calling of a missionary
presented in such a passionate way. Michael and his
family will have to choose what they would take with
them and what they leave behind in order to pursue the
call that God had placed on their lives.
I actually thought that I might want to go to a
mission field, but after Michael's sermon, I realized
that it takes a better woman than me to answer this
call. Michael said that wasn't the point that he wanted to
make, but it really opened my eyes to the sacrifices
that they must make in order to do what they were
created for. Needless to say, Saturday night after service was a
hard time for me and my family. It was the last time
that I will see that part of my family for another
five years. There was a tearful embrace, but it was
joyful at the same time. I told Nina that I was so
very proud of them and what they were doing. I can't
think of a better family to spread the gospel to the
Portuguese people.
It is a hard time, but a wonderful time of excitement.
I'm proud to say that my family members are "going and
teaching all nations" just like Jesus instructed us to
do in the book of Matthew.
Please send your prayers with the Andrzejewski's as
they set out on this new adventure in their lives.

--Isn't she sweet?! ---For those of you who don't know Danielle...If you've ever watched That's So Raven....then you've met Danielle. She acts just like Raven Baxter!---I love you, Danielle.

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