Saturday, March 8, 2008

You don't know coffee til....

You've been to Portugal!!

Things have been well. There is still a major effort being put into getting the yard under control. The house had been unoccupied for some time and weeds were taking over. So with little help outside of a hoe, rake and the kids hands we are slowly getting it back into shape. (You can't really count the dinky lawn mower and toy weed eater as help..we ended up hoeing up all the weeds) It's amazing how old-fashioned the Portuguese are. They are not afraid to work.---After we worked hard for a few hours, we could tell it was getting supper time, cause we all ended up around the tangerine bush eating tangerines. I finally came inside to prepare supper and of course I had to slice some oranges and we ate those as "snack" after supper.

Thursday, Michael met a veteran missionary couple at the airport. Bro. and Sis. Hart were missionaries in Portugal for about 18 years, if I'm correct. The Lord has since moved them to the Portuguese speaking nation of Mozambique, Africa. The Harts daughter, Dawne who will be working with us will arrive in Portugal in late May. The Harts have come to Portugal to finalize their business here and to help Miss Dawne prepare for her arrival in a few months. They spent the evening with us. We asked lots of questions. Ms. Kathy was her usual helpful self when I asked questions like, "Where can I find sour cream?!?!" I am so glad to know that I can actually get it. They call it "fresh cheese". That's why I thought I couldn't get any here. I'm soooo ready for a baked potato!

Before they left on Friday we had lunch at a local restaurant. We walked down the road and had a delicious meal. You don't order what you want, they bring you what they have! (Well, they had a very limited selection) But everything we ate was delicious. After the meal, the cook came from the kitchen and asked the girls if they enjoyed their meal. She said she asked the kids, cause the kids would tell the truth.

Some of our furniture was delivered Thursday. The girls now have beds to sleep on. We are still waiting on other furniture to be delivered...nothing happens quickly around here...I feel like I've said that before....


Beka said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to say that my dad is the pastor of Calvary Baptist in Columbia, TN. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! With all the sicknesses that your kids were exposed to, its amazing that you only had to stay home three times!
I saw on your profile that you like to quilt. That's neat...I used to quilt a lot before we started playing bluegrass.
I really enjoy reading your blog, and the pics are always so pretty!

Holly said...

I hear the same thing about the coffee grown in the Philippines.:~)