Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little Kitchen Helpers

Faith & Brooklyn Making Dumplings

Justice unloading the dishwasher

Sweet sisters

Liberty's bruised chin...ouch!

Justice's new haircut

Would you please be in prayer for Helmut. He's a German man that was here visiting family when he fell and broke his hip. Michael was asked to visit him in the hospital and tell him about the Lord. Helmut speaks English not Portuguese, so the church called Michael and asked him to make the visit. I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal to you, but it was to us. Helmut came close, but didn't pray while Michael was with him. Will you help us pray that he'd humble his heart before the Lord and seek Him for forgiveness?

I'm making another trip to the fish market this week. Salmon is on my list. Yum...fresh, caught that morning Salmon!! Then, after our language lesson, my friend is going to show me how to grill it!~~~Maybe I'll remember to take pictures this time?


Erica Lynn said...

I will be praying. Your kids are so adorable. Isn't great when they want to help you? I love it when my kids want to help even if they do make more work.

Anonymous said...

Justice is so sweet. Before we know it you will be telling us that he is helping Michael mow the grass!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pictures of my babies. I almost feel like I could hug them. I will be praying for Helmut. I'm sure Michael is more than anxious to have opportunities to share Christ. I am also praying more will come soon. God's timing is always perfect, though we can't see it. I am sending more blog comments than I see posted. I think I sometimes forget a step. I love you all. Hug each other for me. Nanny P.S. Tell your Husband to post something on his blog. I can't hear him preach, but I could read some of his thoughts.

Tori said...

Loved the pictures, the kids are all
so cute!

I'll be thinking about Helmut, it's not over yet!
Oh yea, the church that called Michael, which church is that. Are you working with them?
Are you starting a work in the city your in or helping and existing one?

Sorry for all the questions, I don't remember reading that.

Nina Andrzejewski said...

Tori, The church I was referring to was a church in Braga. It's about 40 minutes from here, but the closest Baptist church that has a Sunday morning service. We aren't "working" with them. Only attending to be in a church setting and try to understand "bible Portuguese".

And yes we are planning on starting churches more in our area. Braga is a VERY large city. We'll work more in the villages around here.