Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our New Friend

This is our new friend Toree. Toree is an American playing professional basketball here in Portugal. Michael met him after a game one evening and since then we've had him over for lunch and some fellowship. We've also had another basketball player, Fred come for supper, but I didn't get a picture of him.

Toree is 6' 10'' and weighs 300 lbs. I don't think these pictures show just how big he really is! The girls had a blast watching him duck every time he went through a doorway.

Things here are really good. We're getting near the end of school with the girls. Language classes are coming along. My teacher is meeting me at the fish market tomorrow and is going to teach me all about fish. How to order it, ask for it to be cleaned and how to tell them they can keep the head, cause I don't want it! Then tomorrow afternoon, after our 3 hr language class, she is going to show me how to cook it! I'll have to take pictures and share that experience with you!


Deborah said...

Hello Nina! I just found your blog, and wanted to let you know I'd been here. i love your kids' names! I hope to get back for another visit soon, nice 'meeting' you!

Tori said...

How cool is that! When we came to Croatia our daughter Hannah was only 2. When she was 4 we went to the capitol for some business and while we were there we happened to see a black basketball player there. Hannah however had no memories of anyone of any color other than white. She immediately started yelling, "he's black, he's black!" I liked to have died.

We do have gypsies but they look more like Hispanics.

Anyhow, is Toree (like that name btw) saved? What a great opportunity for you guys.

The Webbs said...

Wow! They actually give you the head with your order!! Gross! I wouldn't want that either. I love keeping updated with you guys and it looks like you are meeting new people! I would definitely love to see the pics of the fish (cooked, of course). Talk to you soon!
Love You!

Nina Andrzejewski said...

That is too funny about Hannah! I laughed so hard when I read that!

We aren't sure about the testimony of these players. We're trying to minister to them as we aren't able to minister to the Portuguese just yet. It helps us feel like we're actually doing something besides struggling to learn a language. Ya Know?

Another missionary who was here for several years had a similar ministry further south. It's not our original idea.