Friday, June 20, 2008

Working out the Kinks

My new camera has finally arrived! Nothing happens quickly around here for some reason. I'm working on all the settings and I've been snapping pictures like crazy all day today. So here are a few:

Trin and Justice cleaning their room

A distant neighbor flying the Portuguese flag

Brooklyn, Faith & Justice

Brooklyn hanging out the clothes

Faith trying to look sweet...only trying. Don't let her fool you!

Faith trying to look cool....again, only trying! Tonight we had a "family night out". These don't happen too often as we try to watch the amount of gas that we use. Gas is about $9.50 a gallon! Anyway, we went to McDonald's!! Yep! The girls got Happy Meals and these cool glasses were their surprise.


Erica Lynn said...

$9.50?!? I thought $4.00 was bad. That's crazy. I'm pretty much speechless right now.

Anonymous said...

I know Faith is sweet AND beautiful. She has a tan on her face which makes her all the more beautiful and those blue eyes just sparkle. Are they still enjoying the swimming pool?
I love you Faithie!!
Love Mimi

Anonymous said...

A child is a rose, given to bloom;
A weed 'tis tare drying away soon.

Our Faith is pretty as a rose, and as Grandma always said "Pretty is, as pretty does.", Faith, keep on letting that pretty shine through, and fool your Mama!

I love you,

Aunt LaShawn