Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Very Much

I'm proud to report that Justice used the potty for the first time yesterday! Yes, I are so excited.

I put him on the "big potty" with one of those little seats you sit on top. That way, he's terrified to get off. Great parenting strategy, huh! I left him in there with very specific instructions...."Go Potty". How hard is that?

After about 20 minutes of him drinking his sippy cup, playing with a car and screaming... "Mama...Daddy...sisters... Maaaaama...Daddddddy....siiiisters. (even louder) he finally went. Not just number one, but number 2 too....(2 too...that doesn't sound right....2 also...there, that's better). When I walked back into the bathroom there was the aroma that evidenced his obedience to my command. I had never been happier to smell poop!

However...he kept saying..."tee tee" and pointing towards a sprinkle that was on his foot and all over the floor. That little guard thing on the potty seat didn't work too well and he was grossed out by this, as was I. Any suggestions from you mothers who've potty trained boys would be helpful right about now.

After a little celebration dance, I quickly got him down and we both looked into the potty. Me with great enthusiasm and him with a look of confusion. He had no idea how that nasty stuff got in there and wondered why I was so happy about it. He in no way owned up to it.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Justice! Nina your so silly. Maybe your on your way to a diaper free house after 9 years of buying diapers. Maybe he needs to go to the potty with daddy to see how its done? I dont even remember how we finally got Z.C. potty trained.
Love ya, Mom

Grace said...

Too funny!:) I hope Justice catches some of your enthusiasm:)

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I remember feeling this same way a couple of years ago with my little one. Until he was old enough to stand, I had my son lean forward so everything else was pointing south. Your husband might have a better idea though. Hope you don't have too many more messes to clean up... although don't count on that. My son recently discovered that peeing into the trash can made a funny sound against the plastic trash bag. BOYS!!

Tori said...

Hey BRAVO Justice and Mom too. Hey that's a pretty big deal.So happy for the both of you!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I told you this story. Papa taught Mark not to go back in the house to tee tee when he was busy playing. He showed him that going behind any tree in the yard was just the thing to do. It took me weeks to correct this habit. I guess when Papa was a boy there was no one else around to watch. Not so in Jasper Alabama. Good thing Papa is not in Portugal. Love you all and miss you toooooo much. Nanny

Erica Lynn said...

That's great! How old is Justice? How did you get him to do it?!?

Heather said...

We used cheerios when my brothers were in the process of potting training. Try letting him "aim" at cheerios in the toliet. It really helps minimize the puddle on the floor and makes going to the potty much more fun! :)

Lora's Life said...

Way to go! I never had the courage to put my children there and leave them. That is very interesting. I will tell you something funny. When I began to potty train Philip, I was a single parent. He was very easy to potty train. When I would take him to potty he would climb up on the potty backwards and everything seemed to work fine. was my first child, the father was gone and I really didn't have any experience or recollection of watching males go potty. So that being said, I began to freak out that my son would grow up weird and not know how to go potty like a boy. I was living with my sister in Georgia and so Philip had an older boy cousin who was 7 years old by this time so he basically took him to the bathroom every time he went. It worked really well. As the years went by I was glad to see that Philip didn't emulate J.R.'s terrible habit of spraying everywhere.
Hey, I did had a friend in Colorado who couldn't get her little boy to go and he loved bugs, so we would put bugs in the toilet and let him try to dunk them with pee pee. IT WORKED!

I don't think you will have to resort to that.
Love ya,
Mrs. Lora

Thursday's Child said...

LOL Wish I could help, except to make sure you explain to him the importance of pointing down. What helped both my boys was getting to stand and do it like daddy. I still have to remind the 4 year-old to make sure he's pointing down if he's trying to talk to me while going. LOL

Tammy said...

Ah, the joys of potty training! I'm right there with ya, Sister. My J.B. is potty training right now. (He's two.) He went most of the afternoon in underwear today, and we had to change them just once. Yay!!

As far as keeping the tinkle under control, we just pitched the potty seat and let him learn to balance on the big seat. (I would stand in front on him so he could hold onto me until he got his balance.) That way his little hiney kinda sinks in and the tee-tee stays in the potty.

Anonymous said...

I'm not believing this topic is entertainment for this evening! Yet, it's hilarious. You go, Justice! (no pun intended) :-)


Tabatha said...

Ummmmm, I am still trying to get Andrew to go... He seems interested occasionally, but not much more than that.
Matthew learned like Lora taught Philip, backwards. We called it a motorcycle. Then he saw Daddy "go" and realized he could too, using a stepstool and leaning forward.
Cheerios didn't work, he wanted to get them out!
I am near clueless with Andrew!

Good job, Big J!