Saturday, August 23, 2008


At last, the long awaited arrival of our newest family member...Major.

Major was abandoned and left at a local animal shelter. In Portugal, people take vacation for several weeks at a time and this usually happens in July and August. When they go on vacation, they leave their dog in the street. This could have been what happened with Major, we aren't sure. But whatever happened it has left him frightened of loud, sharp noises and fast movements. We met him on Monday when the "case worker", a very nice lady, brought him by so we could play with him and see if we would be a good family for him. She took him with her when she left cause he still needed to be seen by a vet and trainer, then she brought him back to us today. We've been anticipating his return all week. There has been a collar, leash, brush, food and toys waiting for him since Tuesday. He is a precious "big baby" who loves attention and loves to fetch a ball. Here are a few pictures of our family getting to know him better:


Tori said...

Oh he's a cutie! Looks like a perfect family dog.

A couple years ago out retreiver got out of the yard and was out several hours before we realized it. When we found her she was a complete mess and very skitzy which wasn't normal for her. We surmised that she was either lightly hit by a car or almost. She acts the same way you described your dog. KD, our dog is scared of the street, is yours?

Anyhow, he looks like he belongs!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great dog. I'm happy for you guys.

Joy Clayton said...

My favorite is the Scott Beason t-shirt!!!! Way to campaign in Portugal guys! I'll be glad come Tuesday when Tim can stop campaigning for City Council.... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I too laughed at the Beason shirt. That was funny. We had a black lab named Major... How cool is that? He was our FAVORITE dog. A week before Raygan was born he ran away. We found out the the pound had picked up all of the dogs in the neighborhood, so we paid like $200 to get him back. When we brought Raygan home from the hospital, he ran away for good. So, we paid $200 to get our dog back for 1 week. Oh well, he was a free spirited puppy and loved to roam the neighborhood. They really are the best dogs to have! We named ours Major; dad named his lab Sargeant "Sarg"; and Daniel named his General. It's good to know that there is another black lab named Major out there! Love you guys,
(congratulations on the newest addition to the Andrzejewski family!!!!)

Holly said...

What a beautiful dog and perfect addition to any family!