Friday, September 5, 2008

I Fell in Love with My Country - Guest Blogger

My wife recently created a post about Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska - the recently nominated Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party. In the post, she said that there were two things that she had in common with Gov. Palin. They both have five kids and married high school sweethearts. Although I disagree with Nina's humble assessment (they share many more qualities including strength, beauty, and commitment) the real reason for this post is to highlight some very poignant words expressed by Palin's running mate and Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. Over the last few months I have become increasingly impressed with Sen. McCain. I have told several friends and relatives that the more I discover about him, the more impressed and endeared to him I am. And while I would never consider myself worthy to be compared to him, like Nina and Gov. Palin, we share a few things in common. One I had forgotten about until this morning when I watched a portion of last night's speech online. The other I learned as a result of the same portion of speech.

What do Sen. McCain and I have in common? (Post your witty one-liners as comments, please, so we all can get a good belly laugh in) First, we both graduated from service academies with less than stellar marks and more demerits than either of us wanted. For those of you who don't know, I graduated from the USMA at West Point, NY as a regrettable member of the century club and Sen. McCain graduated from the USNA at Annapolis, MD in the bottom 1% of his class.

Second, we share a greater love for the United States of America that was born out of time spent in a foreign country. No, I'm not suffering, and no, I haven't been tortured and no, I'm not incarcerated because I am an American. However, the words McCain spoke last night reverberated in my soul in a slightly different manner. McCain specifically said, "I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else's." Again, I'm no prisoner, but I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I serve Him unashamed (Rom. 1:16,17) and willing to follow wherever He leads, and as a result of His leading I have learned a greater love for my country - not because of McDonald's or Wal-Mart, but because of an American work ethic, ingenuity, freedom to assemble, bear arms, and vote in a representative republic. People here know America is great, but they have little idea of why that is and often harbor a great resentment toward the land of the free and the home of the brave. I love my country more for what made her great (a foundation of the Bible and men desiring freedom from tyranny) and knowing that there are some still fighting who want to keep her great.

You may not like John McCain or his ideals, but please respect his wisdom and service to the nation and understand his commitment to keep America great, rather than trying to lower her to the common socialistic denominator of much of the rest of the world.

In parting, the last little bit of Sen. McCain's speech for your consideration.

"If you find faults with our country, make it a better one. If you’re disappointed with the mistakes of government, join its ranks and work to correct them. Enlist in our Armed Forces. Become a teacher. Enter the ministry. Run for public office. Feed a hungry child. Teach an illiterate adult to read. Comfort the afflicted. Defend the rights of the oppressed. Our country will be the better, and you will be the happier. Because nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.

I’m going to fight for my cause every day as your President. I’m going to fight to make sure every American has every reason to thank God, as I thank Him: that I’m an American, a proud citizen of the greatest country on earth, and with hard work, strong faith and a little courage, great things are always within our reach. Fight with me. Fight with me.

Fight for what’s right for our country.

Fight for the ideals and character of a free people.

Fight for our children’s future.

Fight for justice and opportunity for all.

Stand up to defend our country from its enemies.

Stand up for each other; for beautiful, blessed, bountiful America.

Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight. Nothing is inevitable here. We’re Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide from history. We make history.

Thank you, and God Bless you. "

O Pregador


Nina in Portugal said...

Oh, honey...I just fell in love with YOU again! I feel like I felt when I saw you for the first time in your uniform at West point. I love you.

Jungle Mom said...

All I can think to say is, AMAN!
My husband was Marine, something about those uniforms!

Raúl y Pablo said...

me gusta mucho tu blog lo visito todos los dias visita tu el mio y si t gusta deja un comentario y nos linkeamos los blogs

Jungle Mom said...

i linked to this post last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

O Pregador: Must be that most people don't read blogs over the weekend. I'm amazed that there aren't dozens of comments on your post. Glory be to God our Country was founded on the principles it was, and even this day is filled with grassroot people that had chill bumps all over, tears in their eyes, and if at all possible stood cheering at McCain's closing words. Red, White, and Blue runs through the veins of many more Americans than the media would have the world believe. Thank you for posting McCain's words for us to read. They surely will go down in history along with John F. Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" and Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speeches.

Prayers and love are with you,


HOPE said...


thanks for posting this Nina...


(for soldiers of the cross!)

God bless

Anonymous said...

i am extremely saddened by the suffering caused in Iraq. i am a man, an ex Marine. My son is at USMA. My daughter is in Iraq. The good to me is the excellent Christian soldiers. They are earning much respect - not for their bravery only, but for their compassion and adherence to the two Great Commandments.

i try to be a good Christian, and i receive my guidance primarily from the Gospels and Letters. Jesus' words on murder are clear. no one but G*D should have power over life and death. Capital punishment is clearly against Christ's teachings. Attacking a country unprovoked is clearly against THE PRINCE of PEACE's teachings. Failing to help the poor is clearly anti- Christian. Read the 'letters' or Epistles and one can easily see that early Christians were socialists to an extant beyond any government in existence today.

Jesus was tolerant of all peoples, and the bringing together of different peoples and being loving and tolerant of all is the quality that our nation has that makes us unique, and imo the reason we are so blessed.

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