Monday, September 15, 2008

School Update

The kids are doing very well with school. Brooklyn is doing great in the third grade and it wouldn't surprise me if in a few months they don't go ahead and move her to the fourth grade. Faith has been moved already from the first grade to the second, however she remained in the same classroom with Liberty as her teacher has both grades in the same class. Everyday they come home telling me the new words they've learned....and I'll admit that I'm jealous....they will soon pass me by!

School starts at 9:00 and they come home for lunch at 12:00 returning at 1:30 and are done for the day at 5:30. Today we picked them up from school and had Major in the car with us and we went straight to the beach for a little fun. Here are a few pictures:

Seeing who's feet could disappear the fastest.

Forget expensive sand toys, just give him a stick!

Trinity got knocked down by a wave...I don't think she liked it, do you?

Look who finally became friends.

Tomorrow we will start back with our language classes. We've had the last two weeks off because our teacher went on vacation. It was a nice break, but it's certainly time to get back to work.


Beka said...

That picture of Trinity is funny...and you didn't try to console her, but rather took her picture! LOL!

HOPE said...

Hi's been a while since I've been able to visit...

I love the photos of your sweet! and the dog and cat! pals for life now!

God bless your endeavors as you serve on the mission field.


Starla said...

Oh my, I don't think I could handle those long school days, lol. Looks like you all had fun at the beach.

Anonymous said...

I want to be there with you. Way to go girls! Keep working hard and make lot's of new friends. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Hey is Major laying there in the sand without a leash!? I guess Justice wasn't intrested in throwing the ball at the beach. Thats a cute picture of Major and Trigra, I'm glad they get along. Poor Trin, I guess she DIDNT like being knocked over by the wave.
Love you Mom