Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stef's Leaving

This is a re-post from Oct. 2007 with an update

These are some of my most favorite people in the world. They are Ms. Sabrina Aalto, her daughter Stefanie, and her son Noah. They are members of Living Waters Baptist Church in LaGrange, GA where Michael used to pastor. They came to see us in Tennessee recently and we had a great time of fellowship and watching Noah and Justice play. They are precious, dear folks that we miss terribly. (We miss all those folks down there....)

To those of you reading this from Living Waters....we love you and miss you :( and we hope to see you around Christmas. If you come see me, I promise to put your picture on my blog too!

Stefanie was married a few weeks ago. It broke my heart that we couldn't be there for this important step in her life. She will be moving to Savannah where her new husband who is in the army will be stationed. I feel for the folks there in La Grange who will miss her and Noah terribly. I'm all the way across the Atlantic and I feel like she's leaving me too. Didn't she make a beautiful bride!?