Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's my thought.....I have lots of people that look at my blog but have never left a comment. I figured if I offered you something for free, maybe then you'd leave a comment. And who knows, once you find out that it doesn't hurt at all, maybe you'll leave some comments in the future. So, yes...this is a bribe.

Have you ever wanted to go shopping here?

Or maybe....


Or what about here? (except, you probably wouldn't want to shop for under wear at the least I hope you don't when you come visit me)

Well, since you can't shop at a Portuguese outdoor market, I went for you. And this is what I came back with. I'll call it "The Kitchen Trio".

"The Kitchen Trio" consists of this:

1) One Toalha De Mesa (Tablecloth)--- It's 2 meters by 1.5 meters. It would fit a rectangular shaped table that seats six. Made in Portugal, of course. These types of cloths are used very frequently by the Portuguese. I've even seen them carry these out and cover pic-nic tables by the road side. And they bring along real plates and utensils. There's not a lot of Dixie plates around here....Actually....I've never seen a styrofoam plate or dixie cup anywhere around here.

2) One Napkin Holder---It's a padded fabric that has a rooster in the middle which is the unofficial symbol of Portugal. There is a legend about the rooster and it was said to have occurred in our town, Barcelos. There are statues of roosters on just about every corner like these:

You can read about the legend here.

3) Six Cloth Napkins---Matching cloth napkins, for when you feel like dressing it up a bit. All these items are distinctly Portuguese. Things that you're not going to find just anywhere.

Here are some pictures of the "Trio":

Here are the rules:

1. ANYONE can enter! I chose lightweight gifts that will help save a little on shipping. So, there are no limits on your location.

2. You have to leave a comment (gotcha there) and tell me what you like or dislike about my blog. Seriously, I can handle constructive criticism. You can only leave one comment and it gets you one entry.

3. You bloggy girls can do a post on your blog with a link to mine and it will earn you an additional 2 entries. (Make sure you tell me if you do this)

4. The contest will end Monday, Oct. 27th at 6:00pm CST. - And I will choose a winner using that random number generator thingy.

That's it. Have fun, I know I am. I LOVE to give stuff away!


Anonymous said...

Nina, what happened to the rest of your blog? I am also awaiting the guest blogger's post "Your Cloak Sir". It appears that someone erased everything that has come before today.

I am a frequent commenter so I don't qualify for the give-a-way but I really love the idea and the trio. I hope some of my friends who read will comment.

How are all my babies? I hope to call tomorrow.

Love, Nanny

Jenny said...

Hey Nina! I should comment, I read your blog everytime you update. I really enjoy reading all that you write. We have so much in common, it's great to know someone knows what it's like to raise 5 kids on the mission field. How is your language going? We'll be finished in Jan, praise the Lord! I'd love to see pics of you on the blog. Your doing great with the blog, Honest and open, whether you have a bad day or a good day. It's real life, thanks for staying with it! I think of you everyday as I use my oven thermometer, thank you so much for you thoughtfulness!

Beka said...

I really enjoy visiting your blog, and your pics are great, but the only thing takes a long time to load because (I would guess) of the size of the pics.

My advice? Before you put the pics on your blog, open them in a picture editing software, change the resolution(I usually make them about 300x500), save them (with a different name...such as DSCF1238_lowres), and then put the on your blog! They won't be as good of quality, but it won't matter unless you make it large(such as the picture in the header.)

I really enjoy reading your blog, and I appreciate you taking time to read mine and leave comments! :-)

Tabatha said...

I think it's adorable... but, I'm not going to be selfish! You know I'll leave a comment - give away or not! I am adding a link to my blog so as to direct traffic this way. I'm even including a picture. That is so thoughtful of you, too!

As for your blog... I look forward to the updates; I enjoy reading about you in a new country. The challenges you face, the laughs seeing and listening to the children. Even Bro. Michael puts some interesting posts on here.

Love and miss y'all!

Tabatha said...

BTW, where is Bro. Michael's article? I see the title, but nothing else...

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Everything looks pretty, Nina! Although, the first read-through I was skimming... I saw the words "napkin holder" and "rooster", and glanced at the rooster picture below the words. I.was.scared! I'm so glad I went back and read again. HA!

I like reading about your adventures in a new country... they all sound so familiar ;)

Nina in Portugal said...

To those of you having trouble viewing recent posts,

Everything looks fine on my end. I'm not sure what the problem is, but if you go to the top of my blog and click on the header, Portugal Bound, you should be able to see all the posts without comments.

Also....the give-a-way is for anyone, not just for the first time commenter.

Tori said...

Oh Oh Oh!!! Pick Me!!!
Okay Nina-gal, I'm officially entering your super wonderful give-a-way!!
I also posted this morning about your give-a-way so count me in two more times.

You know I've never won one of these things and now would be a good time to start! ;0)

Thanks for hosting such a nice give-a-way!

Tracy said...

What a sweet thing to do, and what thoughtful goodies you have chosen! I love the way you share your faith with abandonment.

Anne said...

I've never been to your blog, but sweet Tori posted a link and that's how I got here... I posted on my blog too and I will definitely be back!

Anne ~ A *first-timer* :)

Tammy said...

Oooo, those are so pretty! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, Thanks!

Sandy Sellers said...

hey Nina,
I love reading your blog. But I have to admit some times it makes me so sad. I really miss you and your family. I enjoyed our visits together in GA and then when you moved to TN. I will never forget the memories made. You do a wonderful job. I tell everyone I know and the ones that know you about your blog. We have met several people along the deputation trail that know your family.
I love every thing about it. It is who you are. Fun, Informational, Entertaining, and Spirtutal.
I love you.

Sandy Sellers said...

Oh, yeah, I will post a link, if I can figure out how to do it.

Heather said...

Hi Ms. Nina! :)
Just had to post a comment and tell you that I'm going to link this give-away on my missions blog.

And since you asked for a comment on what "you like or don't like about my blog" - I'll give you a truthful answer.

I love your blog because it was created by the most creative and beautiful godly American woman in Portugal!

It tells the story of the day to day life of a missionary mother and wife, whose life's desire is to seek her Lord and to follow Him each step of the way - through joys, hardship, pain, and trials. Your love for the Lord and spreading the gospel message shines through your life and your blog. That is what I like - the true life experiences of a missionary family, who show to others that missionaries are human too!

I just wanted to say, I'm praying for you and thank you for being willing to follow God's call to Portugal.

I like your blog background!

Angie said...

Hey there girl, you know me. I'll sign up for any freebies. It's like the southern women's show all over again! Besides the red white and blue are so American!!!! Well, I love you and I hope that you and the girls are doing well. I am sure that Justice is growing up so fast! I hate that he and Brodie don't have each other to play with, but that is ok! Soon enough they might get to see each other again! God Bless!
Love, Angie

Anonymous said...

Nice set... it all looks so pretty together. Do I get another bouquet of those pretty calla lillies at the airport or in my room? Dont put my name in the give-a-way so the others will have more chance to win. I know who ever wins will love it. I love everything about the blog. Oh yeah and the new back ground is cute.
Love Mom

wilkersonhome said...

This is a perfect Portugal giveaway! I found your blog through Tori and look forward to visiting again! Beautiful family!
~ Jeri Lynn (pastor's wife in KS)

Amber said...

I feel terrible about commenting on a give-away post, when I haven't left many comments at all before - maybe just one. But since you asked me to, I feel a little better about it. :)

Actually, I love reading your blog, but I forgot to add it to my Reader, and as a result haven't been getting notices when you update. Shame on me! I really can't think of anything that would improve your blog; you have great posts - pictures, writing...even a few videos...and a nice variety of topics. Great blog.

By the way, that tablecloth is absolutely GORGEOUS! And how neat that the Portuguese actually like to use REAL dishes. That's me all over - I ought to move over there maybe? :) Do you do that too - use real dishes, I mean? I suppose you must if you can't get plastic stuff.

I learn so many cool things about Portugal from your blog. I love that!

I would leave a link to you on my blog, only I'm blushing enough as it is. I will certainly add your address to my reader now!

In Christ, Amber

Martha said...

Hi, Nina!
Well, your give-away idea is fascinating. Yep, it caught my eye. Nina, I promise that I check in on your blog very often and keep up with you, but I am ashamed that I haven't left a comment. I really am ashamed of that. Please forgive me. I don't know if you got my email or not, but I loved your give-aways because I love tablecloths, red, and chickens and roosters. Everything in my kitchen including that cabinets are red (except for walls, refig. and stove.!!) The decorations including the borders are chickens and roosters!!!!!!!!!!!! The give-away did catch my eye, as I said, but the real reason I am writing you is to apologize for not writing sooner. It's a shame and disgrace that Christians don't contact our missionaries more often. Yes, I think about you so often and I pray for you all of the time, but I just haven't let you know that. I saw your mom at Mrs. Debbie's not long ago and I asked her about you. She said she is excited about coming over there again. Well, guess I better go for now. Sure do love all of you. Ray said to tell you hello and that he loves all of you, too.
Mrs. Martha C.
Lam. 3:22-23

June McCarty said...

Hi Nina,I had this comment done up really nice and tried to put a picture of me on it ( without ) saving and poof it was gone.So here I go again.I love your blog because ....
1. It lets me see you guys and whats going on in your
lifes.I get to keep up with how fast the girl's and
Justin are growing and changing.
2.Your pages are so pretty,and you are teaching me
(without even knowing it) how to create pages for my
web pages.
3. Your stories are extra special,I really look for-
ward to those.You make me cry sometimes,laugh
sometimes,and think alot.
Well anyway I love you guys alot and I really look forward to your blog,I go to it everyday just to see if there's anything new posted.Your blog kind of took the place of not getting to see you in person.
Oh yea,Please tell your Guest Blogger I really enjoy him to.
Love To All Of You,

Carrie said...

I love the look of your blog. This is my first time here and I will be back. I am going to go back and read your previous posts.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...


I'd love to enter your drawing. The trio looks adorable. This is the first time I've been to your blog, but I love reading about missionaries, so I plan on coming back. I can't wait to read more about you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,
It's been a while since I visited but was delighted to find you were having a giveaway.
My brotherand sister in law were in Portugal a couple of months ago. I would love to see their photos!
I will go and place a link on my blog for others to visit you!
hugs Sandra nz

Tori said...

Hey Nina, I forgot to tell you what I liked or disliked about your blog. I was going to let you know the only thing I didn't care for was the black background. It kinda made it hard for me to read, old eyes you know. But now since you changed the look it's so much easier. Now I like it all!!!

Amrita said...

Hi Nina, found you at Tori 's and jumped in for the giveaway.I 'm a visitor from India.

Your blog certainly is very pretty and interesting to read.

The bazaar looks like an Indian mela or fair.

Please sign me up for the giveaway.

I will link you on my blog

Penless Thoughts said...

Hi! I came over from Sandra of Watercolor Dreams. I'm so glad to find out about you and meet you. We have a special love for Missionary Familes!!!

What a wonderful gift you are giving. Please put my name in the hat.

Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Nina!
I found your blog through Tori's blog and had to come see because of your name.
My only daughter is also Nina.

glad I found you.

Lora's Life said...

You are too funny. I have that same cloth from there but in a much smaller version. Sounds neat. I haven't had a problem viewing your blog. I love the new background. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina,
I have always enjoyed reading your blog. I have never left a comment-one reason why is I didn't know I could...the other reason, I didn't want to bore you with my comments. I am a very close friend of your mom's. I work with her every day. She means so much to me. We keep up with each other's children and grandchildren. My son is a minister in Mississipi, that isn't quite as far away as you and your family are, but I miss him and his family very much. I know your mom is so excited about seeing those grandbabies in a few days.
Wanda told me to give you my son's blog address
Well, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and the pictures of the children and of Portugal.
God Bless,
Pam Bradshaw

Butler said...

Hey Mrs Nina its me.I love that you are doing this its so fun.I would so love to have something from portugal,but if I dont get it maybe I can come see you in a few years and get me something.
I miss yall so much.Your blog is great all the time I check everyday for something new.

Lisa said...

Hey Nina,

I love your blog.... I love that I can just click a few buttons and read about your life. I miss you guys a bunch and I am sure Jubilee will not be the same without you guys... I haven't ever left a comment, but then again yours is the first blog I ever visited! You should feel special! I will e-mail you soon. I had an idea of what we can call it!!! LOL!!!

The Webbs said...

Hey! This is a really neat idea about the give-away. Of course, I love your blog and I love getting to see everyone and how things are going. I can't say there is anything I don't like about it. I just love keeping up with you!! In fact, I need to learn how to update a blog and change mine up some! Love you guys!!



I love your blog and I have loved meeting you. I have commented before so I am not sure if I qualify to enter your contest or not but if not it does not matter I was coming over to visit anyway. I love your give away gifts though. They are very pretty. Hope you are having a good and happy day. connie from Texas

Anna Ruwersma said...

Wow - what a great idea! Thanks for your sweet comment. I really can't think of anything I dislike about your blog. I really like your updated backgroud. Very cute!

Leah said...

Nina, I'm sure I found you blog hopping :) I belong to a christian woman's internet forum and I think we all get "around". I just want you to know that I love missionaries and really anyone in the ministry. If I were to win, I guarantee, I'd feed some missionaries at my table with all the goodies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nina! Sorry I haven't left a comment before. I didn't know I could! I love the blog. It's interesting to see what you all are up to. I especially love the pictures. The new background is great also. By the way, did you get your hair layered? It looks like a new cut in the picture at the top of your blog.

I'm so proud of the girls bravely going into school - not just the first day in a foreign school, but the first day in ANY school! That had to be exciting but also unnerving. Please let them know that the girls are reading about them, and we think they should be guest bloggers.

Give everyone a big hug from us. Lots of love!

KiKi said...

Hi Nina, just wanted to say hi and tell you that Tessa and I talk about you and your family quite often. (I am Brandon's mom).
"Heather" said pretty much what I wanted to say to you about your ministry. I admire you so much for doing what God has put on your heart to do with your family. It is not easy leaving family and friends behind to go so far away, but it sounds like things are going quite well. This is my first time to visit your blog, but I'll be back. I think it will be neat to read about your experiences there.Your children are beautiful. Take care and I'll visit again soon. Kathy Webb

Anonymous said...

Hello Nina,

I found your blog through Sandy Sellers, I have know Ms. Sandy and her family for about three years now. I first met them through a program at my old Church First Baptist Church of Spencer, OH called Missionary Training School. I am the daughter-in-law of their former paster/now missionary Mark Gostlin. I now attend the daughter church Victory Baptist Church in Lodi, OH. I love your blog, it is wonderful to see the work you are doing for the Lord, and get a glimpse of a place I would probly never see other wise. I am Posting a link to you give away on my Blog and I plan on following you and your family's missions work. You will be in my prayers. God Bless.
Ashley Gostiln

momofmhasr said...

What a beautiful gift. Your so generous to do this for al of us who never post. I have stopped by a few times *U*. I will post on my blog.

Kim said...

Hi Nina,

This is the first time I have visited your blog, so I can't really tell you what I like/don't like. I look forward to reading through your blog and getting to "know" you better.

The items you are giving away are beautiful! Please enter my name into your giveaway. I will be posting about it on my blog as well. Thank you so much!

~ Kim

Heather said...

Hi! It's me again... just wanted to say I was thinking about a give-away....the only problem is I couldn't offer anything "American" for you see, many things say, "made in China" - LOL! :)

Anyway, just a thought that struck me as I was reading through the 40 comments on your blog :) - you don't have to post this if you don't want to.

By the way, did you hear that Pastor Rice is now a great-grandpa?
Their first great-grandchild (a boy) arrived 2 weeks ago and is so cute!

Starr said...

Hi Nina - I thought I would come over and check out your blog since you've visited mine and left comments. I would LOVE to win the give away - I love anything to do with a pretty table and that set is gorgeous! I will link to your site from mine too.

Kathleen said...

Wow ... this is a great give away!

Why do I enjoy our blog? I am blessed when I read it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nina, I am "Auntie eM" from The Salt Box over in the Bay Area, California! This is my first visit - yeah!! It was the gorgeous tablecloth that intrigued me, which I saw via Cooking with the Preacher's wife. Okay, I know a dear family of 10 that would enjoy that giveawy, so I will sign up. My personal blog is in the purpose and spirit of a Titus 2 woman doing what our Lord desires: exhorting on godly womanhood.
Perhaps you'll stop by...
The Lord Jesus be with you, and keep you all safely in His care.

Sharon said...

Actually this is my first time visiting! :) I found you via Auntie Em.

I am looking forward to getting to *know* you. :)

Cat said...

Nina, I am a friend of Janice (Nanny). I am a long time reader; first time commentor. You have a beautiful family and I really enjoy hearing about your adventures as you follow God's calling. I know that being in a foreign land can be quite a culture shock, but you seem to be handling life's challenges with grace and humor. Remember that God's plan for you is perfect and he is always there! My family and I are praying for the Lord to continue to guide the steps of your family as you work for Him.

liz said...

I am horrible for visiting and not commenting-I admit it. I'm not sure why that is except that I usually only have one hand to type with (and the other one trying to occupy a busy toddler).

Anyway I love your blog. My hubby lived in Portugal for a while before we were married and I would love to visit.

This is a lovely giveaway and I would love to be included.

Aliene said...

Nina, This is my first time to look at your blog. I will add you to my blog list so I can come back often. I was just looking at cooking with the preachers wife and I think that is where I saw your blog. Shopping looks like fun. I love the give a way. I like roosters. I am going to read about the symbol a little later.

Michelle said...

Hi Nina. I'd like to be entered please. That tablecloth is lovely. :) And I will leave a link on my blog. I really enjoy reading your blog.

The Herd said...

I love your lovely cocoa colored blog. I love the pictures on the side, but I must say--I think I will borrow your temperature widget! I have never seen one before! How fun! I came over not because of "free" stuff but b/c I was intrigued by the name of your blog over on Tori's blog. I am now in Russia as a missionary wife too...we have four kids ages 8-3years old. We have been here for about 2 months almost. I will post your blog on my blog list too. How nice to find other missionary wives...I would love to pick your brain on what you guys are doing specifically in Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow missionary wife! My SIL, Starr was telling me about you then I saw your site on her blog so I thought I'd stop by. I love reading about other missionaries and since we both speak Portuguese, we have even more in common! See? I'm not over here just for the table setting. LOL Looking forward to getting to know you!

mindy98 said...

I came across your blog because of my friend Tracy(our journey) and I'm also a friend of Sandy Sellars. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about all the things that God is doing in your families life while in Portugal.

Connie said...

How neat! I have'nt had a chance to visit in a while...You are so wonderfully bright and fun. My prayer is for God to continue to bless his messagers everyday of your life. The children are getting more and more beautiful!Take care!
Connie (UAB)

Sandy Kay said...

I was sent over here by "Cooking with the Preacher's Wife" so this is my first time to visit! I love the ensemble - it would match my kitchen perfectly - oh, please, Random Generator, pick me! hehe!
Sandy Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have to say what beautiful prizes you picked out...I LOVE them. Well, I'm fairly new to your blog and I don't really remember how I stumbled upon it, but I think it's just so awesome that you and your family are missionaries to Portugal. Since my father lives there, it makes your blog and what you're doing more special to me.

You're on my blogroll already, but I'll certainly do an extra special post mentioning you! :) Enjoy a great weekend.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Hi Nina! I found your blog through the Domestic Fringe, so this is my first time over here. But I love it! I love all the pictures you have of your family (I am a bad picture taker!). I live and work overseas too! How fun to meet another overseas family!

Rob and Deanna said...

You have a beautiful family & I love your blog background! Chocolate brown & polka dots are some of my favorites. The Portugal items are Gorgeous!! I spent 3 years in my teenage years as an M.K. with my family in Papua New Guinea. I have been back 3 times since. My family still goes back when they can. Mission work is close to my Heart! :-) I will leave a post on my blog with your link as well.

Gayle said...

Love your Blog! I found it through a friend. I love the sign about your McCain /Palin signs.
I put a custom made sign on the back of my yukon window and I cannot believe how mean people can be. I Have been cut off in traffic and had some things I will not mention but I am not giving in to them:) Go McCain? Palin you can see my window on my blog.

Pat said...

I have been to that market, not so long ago. Beautiful gifts you have there, and good luck to whoever wins those beautiful prizes. You are on my blogroll too, and I continue to enjoy reading your experiences in Braga; Portugal. :)

Anonymous said...

What i really like is that you are who you are and it shows in your blog. I feel like you are not trying to have a blog persona and I appreciate that. I love all the pictures too; it makes reading a blog so much more interesting. I'm looking forward to following along with your bloggy adventures.

Lori said...

Hi! I came to your blog through another.
I enjoyed reading your blog.

What fun gifts from Portugal.

Susan said...

Great blog! LOVE the background and everything else. I have linked you to my blog site.

Denise said...

What a creative lady you are! Your blog is very beautiful and interesting. I found you through Deanna at Building for a Legacy - we're both former MKs that attend Gayle's husband's church! I'll have to try a giveaway and see how many comments it gets ;)! Will definetly be back to visit!

Holli said...

Please enter me in your contest, I will add a link to my blog @
I love your blg because it not only shows people about Portugal, but also about the Lord. Thank you. SO many do not do that these days.

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

I think your blog is so pretty! and so Christ honoring.

Please include me in your drawing.


Rona's Home Page said...

I lived in Terceria, as a teenager, so when I got married my lovely husband bought me a Porteguese chicken. She sits on my kitchen cupboard proudly.
You gave me an idea - I should do a giveaway at my blog. I've had it since 2005.
I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Thanks to Home Away from Home blog for providing a link.

HOPE said...

Hi Nina..well you certainly got the comments! LOL

I'm so sorry I missed this as I was out of town. SIGH.

I just LOVE that tablecloth..I wouldn't mind paying you for one if they are available. I have a thing about tablecloths!

I like your new's been a while since I've visited.

God bless..

alicia said...

Nina, I am so excited to have found your blog! Hoping to win something for a school project on Portugal!