Friday, February 13, 2009

I Crack Myself Up

I read a post the other morning that used the word "facade".

I thought I understood the meaning and I thought it looked easy enough to pronounce so I tucked this little gem of a word away in my shallow little mind. I was going to pull it out and use it at just the perfect time and stump my loving, yet overachieving husband.

I was going to feel like the smart one...for once.

Well, I was shocked when the opportunity provided itself just a few short hours later.

I tried to use it on my husband. He was hugging me outside after sending our language teacher on her way. I had just completed a tough three hour language class in which both my husband and teacher were very hard on me. I was being overly sensitive I was later told.

Well, he was hugging me...I WAS NOT hugging him and I was trying (really...I was trying) to be mad at him. He wouldn't let me go. (he knows I hate that!) And he told me he loved me.

I said... "No you don't! It's all just a facade!"

Only I said fak-aid.

He tried to hold it in, knowing laughing at me would only intensify my frustration, but when he said, "It's facade not fak-aid..... I lost it.

I laughed so hard I left tears all over his jacket. That was the end of my "pretending to be mad".


Stonefox said...

Ha Ha, that would have cracked me up too! Aren't husbands wonderful, facades or not? :)

P.S. I linked to you today. Hope you get some new friends coming your way.

Jon and Robin said...

Wow...I read the blog about gaining 10 pounds with the new scale. Thanks! I don't feel as bad about my 7 pound gain with my new scale. See, you never know who you will "touch" with your blogs!

It's good to read about another missionary family. You seem to have a knack of saying what other people are feeling.

The Herd said...

Hey, I see my friend made it over!

I was laughing soooo hard about the fak-aid!!!

thanks for sharing! I am glad it broke the ice!

Rita Loca said...

I do stuff like that all the time, in several languages. It keeps us humble! You cracked me up too!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any better than that! A little humor to lighten the situation and make you like your husband again. ;-)

You'd feel better if I were in language class with you. I took two years of college Spanish and was, without a doubt, the dumbest one in the class. I was laughed at mercilessly.


The Hat Chick said...

Getting caught up. Blonde - wow! Scales - they're all useless(how do you KNOW the new one is right?) And darned those guys when they are right!

Rebekah said...

Lol! I love reading your blog! :-)

Starla said...

When I want to use words I've never used before. I usually go to and you can listen to them say the word for you

Pilar said...

Wow, imagine me trying? Have no idea what would come out of my mouth hahahah. Shorty after me and my hubbie were "talking" (not dating yet) I called him something that I didn't know had the meaning that really had.... It was a really bad word.....
I need to google facade... have no idea what that is... I won't try to implement it in my vocab though

Sue said...

Every time I visit with you i am so uplifted, it is so good to see someone who is able to laugh and see the lighter side of life. You are such a joy to visit with.
Isn't it great to live with someone who knows and understand us so well? Blessings,

Jen Price said...

That is too funny! God knows how to make us laugh!

Betty said...

hahaha, I´m new here, but this cracked me up! I know how it is learning new languages and you will have to grow a thick skin, so that it doesn´t hurt, when people correct you.
I like your blog and have become your follower!

Unknown said...

I just saw this one, Nina. sorry I didn´t come over yesterday. Hey, you wanna here a language blunder of mine? ( I have many, oh so many) One day I wanted to tell my friend that those trucks that clean the trash bins here were like a great big dishwasher but what came out of my mouth in Spanish was that they were like a big "bladder-washer!"... the words in Spanish are similar. Well, at least to me they are. Thankfully I was talking with a friend who didn´t think any less of me. jejeje

Cathy said...

That is just too funny! Sounds like something I'd do.

Tori Leslie said...

Ha! You are way too funny! I'm surprised with all the Spanish houses in your parts that you didn't know the word.
I bet you're a hoot in real life!

Mom said...

Did you ever figure out how to pronounce this word?


Anonymous said...

Greetings. I'm coming over via the FringeGirl's site. Nice to "meet" you. A funny story, to be sure. You probably needed the laugh after a grueling language lesson. Blessings!