Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions Answered - Part 3

More on the Portuguese culture:

"Art" is everywhere...the kind that you and I would probably call pornography. (I'll skip the pictures on this topic) My kids still point out all the "art-sy" pictures in every single store we go into. Always in English and always at a very high pitched voice.....As if the lady with all the blond headed kids wasn't distracting enough, now they're speaking English very loudly and pointing at nude pictures....imagine?

I fear for my children's life every time we visit the beach. There is this huge wall that fisherman stand on and fish.

One could walk right off THE WALL if they wanted too, and even if they didn't want to, It would be very easy to do.

If there happens to be a guard rail, the space between each rail is large enough for me to crawl through, so imagine my adventuresome 2 year old son.

THE WALL is the one on the left. Notice Michael guarding that wall. Allowing the kids to walk on the safer one instead.

Here I am trying to conquer my fear. Sitting next to the area my clumsy kids could stumble right off of! I'm afraid of heights. Notice I was NOT standing in this picture. I probably crawled away after it was taken.

All the billboards here have American looking models with blond hair and blue eyes. I guess sort of like the ones in the States have European looking models. Anyway, we've been stopped on several occasions by people who just want to gaze into our children's eyes or stroke their hair. One lady at the market just wouldn't stop saying how beautiful Trinity was. With a look of astonishment she'd rub Trinity's skin and kiss her cheeks.

Speaking of cheeks, you always greet folks with two kisses. One on each cheek and you always start with the right side. Some folks merely touch cheeks while making the "kissy" sound. These are usually ladies that don't want to mess up their their makeup or people wearing glasses. I'm still not sure which I do...maybe a mixture of both.

Other Questions Answered:

We're baptist missionaries and plan to stay here as long as God allows us. We'll be here for 4-5 years before we return Stateside for a furlough of approximately 6-8 months.

My first pet that I remember having was a black cat named Pretzel. She disappeared on Halloween night. Tragic news to a 5 year old.

I learned how to spell Andrzejewski after my first conversation with Michael at the age of 14. I was thrilled to be able to spell it unassisted. I would doodle my name on paper while talking to him on the phone. I'd write Nina know, practice my future signature....

Now for a few recent pictures:


Anne said...

I can relate to models being blue-eyed and blond-haired.... we have that here in Thailand too, which cracks me up every time:). Thanks for sharing this post!

Jendi said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying the questions and answers.

My 4 year old daughter loves the pink dress in your last picture. :)

liz said...

I am really enjoying this Q & A series! I hope there will be more to come. =)

Pilar Stark said...

we do kisses here too. Two just like you said but there is not a side order. And just like you say most people just do the sound while padding cheecks. But opposite to the States, hugs are very personal and won´t be given to people as freely as in the States.
Can´t wait to hear you love story. it sounds like a very romantic one :)

Mom said...

I remember taking the picture of you sitting on that wall. You were being BRAVE and trying to take a picture of a blue crab that was on the steps going down to the water.
I love and miss you more than you can ever know! Mom

Holly said...

Good post! I would have probably had to crawl away from that, too. You are a brave woman! I am anxious to know how to pronounce your last name. I have a thing about pronouncing words correctly. :~)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I've been doing the kiss thing all my life. They do that in NY City area...lots of people from other countries here; however, in Maine, the kissy thing doesn't fly. It so interesting how different cultures do things. Now I'm back to kissing everybody.

I'm afraid of heights too and I'd panic to see one of my kids on the sea wall. I'm like that, slightly dramatic.

You're going to have to give me your dieting secrets, because you're looking SKINNY!


june said...

Nina ,I love your post.You have a way with words that makes you feel as if you were there yourself.Please keep it up,gives me something to look forward to.Huggs and Kisses.
We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Nina, I miss you so much!!!!
You just have no idea. I love your blog and I really thank you for keeping us posted. It's always interesting to read. I was going to let you know that they put Ian on a feeding tube yesterday. They said that he was using too many calories while trying to eat and not getting enough food in him. Keep praying for them. Dad just said this week, "Man, that Andrzejewski boy is a handsome fella." Thought it would make you smile to know it.
Also, love that dad told you to keep your mouth shut... he's told me that a few times. Your former pastor's wife was at missions conference and said, "Oh, you and Nina are so much alike." I told her that I was taking it as a compliment :)
Love and miss you!!!!!

TCKK said...

I am so enjoying these posts. I was telling my family about them last night!

The pictures of your kids are so adorable!

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

Starla said...

The nude art makes me think about last year. My cousins and I went to a museum and they had this painting of a woman with her dress on but the front of her dress was down, revealing her breasts. I stood and looked at it for a long time and finally my cousin Marcy came over and looked at it. (She was probably wondering what I was doing.) Then I turned to her and said, "What is the point of this?"

I love the photos of your kids!

Betty said...

Loved the new pic´s and enjoy the answers to the many questions. Now I´m hooked and want more! :)

Dani Joy said...

Hi Nina, I just realized I didn´t comment on this post. I wrote ya an e mail though about it. ;)

Are those pictures of you at the port recent? You look great!!

Aren´t ports so beautiful? I grew up on a small port on Lake Ontario and I am so thankful the Lord has called us to a city close to water.

I remember when we first got to Spain that it really unnerved me when people would stare and not even turn away when i stared back.
Now people stare because my boys are so loud and speak in English.

Your children are so beautiful, that´s why everyone stares!

Is Portugal still considered third world?

Rui Oliveira said...

Portugal has never been classified as third world.
In 2008, the World Bank categorizes Portugal in the list of "high-income economies" (66 countries are in this category) and the IMF classifies Portugal in the list o "advanced economies" (32 countries).