Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bloggy Friends

Meet Dani Joy. She and her family are fellow missionaries in our neighboring country of Spain.

She has three fabulous boys that are very creative and have a blog where they post pictures of their newest creations and of course their hamsters....Hamy, Eva and maybe Wall-E....if I'm remember correctly. Those of us with kids know exactly where those names came from.

I can't even remember how Dani and I got to talking. One of us discovered the others blog I'm sure. She began leaving encouraging comments, always calling me "neighbor". I started a weight loss journey and she was right behind me, always encouraging me to keep on. We send emails weighing in to each other. We discuss our struggles and celebrate our victories.

However we've never spoken a verbal word to one another.

Next week we get the pleasure of having this precious family in our home for a few days! They're taking a vacation and spending a few of those days with us!! Can you believe that!! I am so excited I could shout!!

So, I'm a little nervous too. She may think I'm a red neck when she hears me talk. (But right now this cold has me sounding like a frog...maybe a froggy-redneck)

Anyway....stay safe Contreras family. Enjoy your visit down south. We're looking forward to seeing you next week!


Dani Joy said...

You got me there girl!!! I about fell over when I saw our picture on your blog!!! Toooo SWEET!! But hey wait till you meet us! haha

I am a hick from the sticks turned a little bit city but you´ll never get the country out of me!! just to sum it up a little.

Would love to hear your froggy- redneck.

Just for the record I think my people started those redneck jokes. LOL

wow... I gotta get busy on the packing now... SEE you soon Neighbor!! YIPPEEEE

Big hugs!!!

BUTLER said...

I,m so happy for you & jealous too.. I want to come see you so bad. everytime you have someone over I tell jim how bad i want to come. he looks at me like i'm crazy not that he does'nt want to see yall but i think he's scared to go that far.( sshhh dont tell anyone lol) anyway hope yall have a great time can't wait to see the update with them... love you miss you so much..Becka

Pilar Stark said...

You guys are going to have a great time.... I am so jelous :) You guys better take lots of photos so I can be even more jelous :)
Yeah, I learn the english I know from Alabama so some people thought it was funny that I had a spanish accent but I would say things like ya'll and reckon and fixing to.... I wouln't have it any other way :) Sweet Home Alabama!!

Tori said...

I really enjoy Dani Joy's blog and sweet spirit. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get to meet her and since you guys are so close, you too!

The Hat Chick said...

Totally COOL! I am excited for you both. Have fun together!

Anonymous said...

How much fun is that! You're going to have a great time. You need to take pictures and share your party with the rest of us.

Hope you're starting to feel better.

Mom said...

I love it... Im so glad they are finally coming to see you!
Cant wait to see some pictures. And I hope the Contreras Boys are ok with the princess's on the walls! I bet the kids will have a good time... get out there and play soccer!
I love you

Amrita said...

Such a nice thing that your blog neighbour is coming over to visit you. Handshake to you Dani Joy. Your boys look cute . Where did they get those lips from? If they were available i would buy them for my sisters kiddos.

Starla said...

Hope both of your families have a great time.

liz said...

Yay! How exciting! Y'all have a great time.

Tammy said...

How NEAT! I know you'll have a great visit. :o)

...I hope you are feeling better, Nina.

Anonymous said...

Besides you, the winner for this visit will be Justice. He won't know what to do with so many boys to play with.

It sounds like the beginning of a great tradition and family friendship. Keep the camera out and give us an up-front-and-personal birds-eye-view of the festivities.