Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Does this sound like a Monday Mayhem to you?

  1. Sleep til 10:00.
  2. Leisurely drink two cups of coffee while still in PJ's.
  3. Finally shower and heat up left-overs for lunch.
  4. Watch my 2 and 4 year old put snails all over their arms and toys.
  5. Organize a Treasure Hunt to occupy the last day of Spring Break.
  6. Accept lots of hugs and kisses from 5 precious kids.

No, it doesn't sound very mayhem-y to me either. But rather just the opposite. I'm enjoying spending this day with my kids. It's rainy outside and cold, so were staying in. Mondays are our "off" days. If there is such a thing.

However, if this weren't such a wonderful day, I would be having a Mama Fit about my clean sheets that accidentally got left on the clothes line yesterday. This is the view outside my kitchen window.....and I've already mentioned that it's raining!

AND our Resurrection cookies that we made that were supposed to turn out hollow on the inside to represent the tomb, turned out like Peeps marshmallow candy......go figure. Maybe because we made them on Easter night instead of Easter Eve? Hmmmmmm?

But, like I complaining is a good day. The kids said they taste better like this anyway.

Last night after church we carried the Custodio's out to eat to thank them for their help with the music in the services the last few weeks. It was a nice time of fellowship and it helped relieve some of my sadness I had yesterday missing my family from the States.

You never know when your food will show up with an egg on top!

My baby girls are growing up. This is also another area I could 'fuss' about....but I choose today to celebrate family rather than complain about it.

God is so very good.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're enjoying a great, relaxing day! Sorry about those sheets. Just let them dry again and they'll have that fresh, rain washed scent everybody loves.


Pilar Stark said...

It is so much nicer when all these "bad"things caught us in a good mood :)

Anonymous said...

We missed you too, on Resurrection Sunday. I long to be there with you or have you here with me.

Sounds like the perfect day to stay in your PJ's, hug babies and drink coffee.

Enjoy every moment.


Dani Joy said...

Sounds like great mayham to me! jeje

We started school today, just to find out that no one else did. So we declared it a half day. Yippy
then went and got a package from my parents at the post office. the the dog rolled in something horrible and the boys were crazy.. there´s my Monday Mayham! jeje

Lovely pictures.. oops about the sheets. Love the picture of Brooklyn and Faith! I love their eyes and now I know them personally. Such sweet beautiful girls! I want to cry!!!

Big Hug!

btw guess what my mom sent? Cadbury easter eggs! not on my diet for sure.

TCKK said...

Sounds like a great day you are having!!!

The Hat Chick said...

Sorry I missed your Easter post. Your kids are gorgeous. I have never tried the Easter tomb cookies, but I'm guessing the humidity may have contributed to the peepiness. I am so jealous of clean sheets on the line....rain or not.
p.s. The pool photo was for you!

Jen said...

That first part sounds absolutely wonderful! Isn't that what rainy days are for!?

God's Been Good said...

It sounds like our Monday's...Monday is our day of rest after doing everything at church on Sunday! Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great Week!


Mrs. Tracy said...

Hey...Molly (our cat) is so funny...she thinks she is a person. She was trying to make herself a make shift delivery room in the living room ;o{ I made her a place in a laundry basket...she is so sweet.How much does it cost to ship a kitten to Portugal? lol

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Such wonderful blessings. I've been feeling very thankful today too. Different circumstances, but same source. (In my case, I REALLY loved the sound of rain, and just rain, in the house cuz all the kids were back at school.)

Your older girls are so very pretty. My Hannah is 9, and she's still not willing to get her ears pierced. Knowing her, she'll wake up one day and announce that she's ready.

Have a wonderful week.

Tori said...

Okay so I'm looking out my window and realize I forgot to bring in the wash!! That constitutes a Mama fit, right?

Mom said...

First, what does jeje mean when Dani post a comment? Second, does she have any idea how much Michael loves Cadbury Eggs? I could go to Walmart and see if I could get him some but they may be rotten before I get there with them. Im sorry you missed the family so much, and Grandma's pork roast. That is a good pic of Brooklyn and Faith. Yes they are growing up and ALL THE GRANDPARENTS ARE MISSING IT.
I love you!!

Dani Joy said...

Mom, ;)

jejeje means Heheheh in spanish.


I didn´t get it either when we moved here. LOL

Pam said...

The egg atop the food! Reminds me of something my sis and her family fell in love with while in Venezuela.

Your sheets! Oh what memories of the days I used to hang my clothes outside. I miss it SOMETIMES!!

Pam said...

Oh I meant to ask if you are from the south. You said "we carried" as in "we took". I grew up with that phraseology in S.C.

Melanie said...

Hi! I came here via Beee's blog. I also have 5 children, and my DH is also in the ministry, but he's a teacher.

I wanted to say that we tried making those resurrection cookies last year, and they didn't turn out either!