Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mama Fit

I really want to have a fit today, but I lack both the energy and will power.

Just looking at this picture makes me tired....

Today's Saturday. The day when I wash about 673 loads (okay maybe it's only 8-10 loads) of clothes because electricity is cheaper. It's when I utilize my 4 clothes lines that run the entire length of the house. When I can hang out 6 loads at a time and by the time the 7th is ready to be hung out, loads 1, 2 and 3 are dry and can be taken down. I have this system, you see and it works well for me. I actually like washing clothes.....except when it's raining, like it is today.

We, unlike the average Portuguese family, own a clothes dryer. However, the length of time it takes to dry a load of clothes is so frustratingly slow, I can hang out a load on a pretty day, take them down, fold them and put them away in less time. Not to mention the astronomical amounts of energy it uses.

So where does that leave me on days like today?

With about 5 loads of wet clothes sitting in baskets lined up next to the dryer waiting for their time to tumble. The other 5 loads are on lying on drying racks in an already too humid room. If it continues to rain, they'll take about 3-4 days to dry completely.

Do you see my dilemma? It could be days before we get clean underwear in this house!

Would you please have a fit for me....I just don't have it in me.


Pilar Stark said...

No counting the prayers you are missing because, let´s face it, you can´t do the same while you are dumping clothes in the dryer.

That is what you get for telling the devil how spiritually useful is your time drying clothes. Now is going to rain every saturday :)

Mrs. Tracy said...

WOW! That would probably drive me to a fit too!

I may can squeeze a fit in later today...I have to go with the youth from church this morning to clean up for an elderly lady...then meet someone for hubby an hr away to deliver something. Then after that I have to clean my mother-in-laws house and then after that...come to think of it...I may need someone to have mine for me too ;o}

Betty said...

I would love to have this problem! :) I mean the rain one...not the clothes! :)
Hope it clears up soon!

Starla said...

Oh my, that is a dilemma!!!

Jen said...

I feel your pain. Only we're out of rainy season, just cooler weather here so the clothes usually dry. If I was there, I would share your fit! :)

Anonymous said...

Blow dryers work exceptionally well on underwear. Not that I know from experience or anything.


Dani Joy said...

I will have a great fit for you! cause I too have a hard time drying clothes sometimes. I hang them around the house. My main fit though is getting all the sock folded for my 4 men. I just leave them and let them fend for themselves sometimes!
We need some sun!
Love you!

The Herd said...

Feeling your pain--now it's your turn to feel mine...I don't HAVE a YARD to hang clothes in!!! BUT, I do have a dryer to that takes 2 hours to dry, but then, it takes my washer 90 minutes to wash, so we just wait!! B/c we are in an apartment with 9 people with only two clothing racks! YIKES...thankfully the Russians are too intimidated by a "dryer"!
Having a Mama FIT with you!!...never will I complain about those quick American dryers, eh?!!!

Lora's Life said...

you are one of my dearest friends and I would gladly have a fit for you. However, I would probably scare Jimmy to death. But as soon as I have another one of my fits I will call it a Mama fit and blame it on you.

Tori said...

Ha, so funny. I can totally relate. We also have a dryer but I seldom use it unless it's rainy.
I would love to have your clothes lines, I have one of the round twirly ones, I like the old fashion long ones better.

By the way, I can't only see your frustration, I think I'm starting to smell it!! :0)

Jungle Mom said...

Oh man! can I relate!