Friday, May 22, 2009

Sun, Strep & Sweet Toothpaste

This past week we enjoyed beautiful weather! We also enjoyed spending countless hours at the hospital and doctor's office with our two youngest who were eventually diagnosed with Strep Throat.

Having 5 kids causes me to spend extra time thinking about all the locations an abundance of germs could be found. I thought of a place this week that I hadn't considered before.

I always disinfect toothbrushes, or buy new ones when a sickness starts moving it's way through the family. But I never considered the toothpaste. The opening where all the kids rub their toothbrush across, or in Justice's case, the part that he walks through the house sucking on. (Don't act like your kid's have never done it! Especially that yummy, sweet, bubble gum flavor kind. Or in Trinity's case the kind that tastes like dead strawberries)

Some pretty girls....enjoying the sun.

We were invited this past week to visit a ceramic making factory that is owned by a member of the church here in Barcelos. This nice man has been on me for weeks about stopping by his shop to pick myself out something pretty for my house. I told him I'd like to have a large vase for an over sized flower or plant. He told me Sunday he had some pretty ones right now, and I'd better hurry.

Here are some pictures of our visit....

Praise the Lord He did NOT throw the clay away!!!

Still drying.

Ladies hand painting.

Well, instead of one thing...I ended up coming home with all sorts of things....take a look...

This pot will look fabulous with a huge plant...maybe even a tree! It's much bigger than this picture makes it look.

These cute kitties were for the kids.

The three vases on the left....

And lastly this cool vase. Yes, it's supposed to look cracked. Wonder what I can do with it?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tammy said...

Preeeetty! It's fun to decorate with a local flavor. :o)

Dani Joy said...

Mine never sucked on the toothpaste! I don´t know what you are talking about. LOL.. but well, I do think that it is a germ fest waiting to happen!

This is a great post! I love the pottery! I love the big pot! and the vases what a great encounter!

and the girls are adorable with their sunglasses in the sun! Gorgeous!

Big Hugs!

Pilar Stark said...

Oh wow, all those pieces look beautiful!!! They all would match my house in case you don´t know what to do with one of them... hehehehe

Betty said...

You got some really nice vases and cool pot. I love the big pot!
Hope your kids feel better soon too!

marina said...

Hi first time hear really love the pieces you had too share ") marina

TCKK said...

The girls look adorable and I hope everyone is feeling better now.

I love the pottery pieces.

Mom said...

Lib (squirty berty) looks just like her Momma when she was this age. How ever... her Momma says she looks just like her Mimi... Perhaps she looks like the both of us. Isnt she pretty!?

Anonymous said...

Those are all really pretty!!!

The girls pictures are lovely.

I bought a new tube of toothpaste and have hiding it for the use of my husband and I only. My daughter is just gross. She's a mixture of bag lady and street urchin, but she's sweet. ;-)


Amrita said...

The sunny girls look very pretty.

Oh that visit to the factory looks like fun. Very pretty creations.

Jen said...

Those pieces are awesome! I love that last one!

Starla said...

Beautiful photos, thank you so much for sharing. I praise the Lord that he didn't throw the clay away.

wholesale sweets said...

:) I love your family. My ideal family ever.

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your blog. I enjoyed reading lot of your posts and I'm looking forward for more... soon! Keep on sharing the good news of your life.

Anonymous said...

its absolutely amazing that you posted this clay adventure, our preacher taught on the potter and the clay out of jeremiah 18 this morning, it really spoke to my heart and to see your pics was an extra special blessing for me! thanks for your posts and all of your pics we sure love them!!
- brigitta yank

Tori said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickness, yuck-o!

Loved the ceramics! My mom used to do ceramics too bad I never paid attention.

Yep, those are some pretty girls!

The Hat Chick said...

Those are gorgeous! It is special when someone shares their talents with you.