Friday, June 26, 2009

Madrid - Day 2 Photo Journey

Tuesday, after a quick 45 minute flight to Madrid, I met up with friend and fellow blogger Dani
We spent a little time at the airport fellowshiping with other friends and bloggers, then we set out on our adventure. First stop locate our hotel. (ahem..hole in the wall cheap hostal)

Pilar....I bet your glad you didn't end up going with us, huh?! ;)

While out walking on day 2, we came across this restaurant, and after a quick survey of the lunch menu we slipped inside for a delicious meal.

I had some sort of curry chicken. It was wonderful!

We ended day 2 on a great note, church! Here I met other American missionaries who have been serving faithfully in Spain for many years, as well as a precious lady, Olga who spoke Portuguese. She quickly found me after service and pulled me to the side to converse. I'm very proud to say that I actually carried on a fairly lengthy conversation without any help from anyone!

Lazy dog outside of a cute flower shop.

There wasn't much difference in Madrid than the larger cities in Portugal, but it was still a very pretty and interesting place to visit. We had beautiful weather and my camera cried out to be used.

My confused tour guide.

They call it Dunkin Coffee and not Dunkin Doughnuts....but it still had heavenly treats inside. It wasn't Krispy Kreme, but I wasn't complaining.

This poor lady was begging for a high-5.

I spent almost 12 hours in the Madrid airport on Thursday waiting for my flight to leave. I had a late flight and Danielle had a early train home, so I went on to the airport thinking I could curl up somewhere and sleep. But that didn't happen. After 4 gate changes and a 2 hour late departure, I arrived home to a grateful family and a comfy bed, complete with a handsome husband.

It's good to be home, however I was quickly thrust back into Mommy Mode and no longer the fancy European traveler as 3 of my 5 kids are sick. Life is like that, ya know. Sick babies are a way of life for me.....and I love that life! I'm so glad to be home with them again. I've returned home with a renewed sense of responsibility to my family and ministry.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.



Mom said...

Oh my gosh... if I had known what that hotel looked like I would have REALLY worried about you two girls. I agree with you Nina, it does look "SHADY".
I nursed Brooklyn back to health today. We had an hour long chat on skype. Faith popped in for about 40 seconds and then she was gone. I told Brooklyn you all had better be over this eeuk before I get there and then we started talking about the swine flu!
Cant wait to talk to you and hear about the adventure! Looks like Dani Joy is a dog person. You know me I would have been right there petting the pooch too.
I love you and Im glad you had a good time and are safe home!

Dani Joy said...

I totally resent that about the confused travel guide! jejeje! It was all staged, People! Don´t believe her! LOL

Oh you know, that picture of the hotel makes it look horrible! the inside was much better. ;) Old but clean. Quiet but quaint. Well, maybe rickity. jejej *sheepish grin*

Girl, I would do it again in a heart beat but not the leaving you 12 hours in the airport. :(

Hope your kidos get well soon.

Pilar said...

I am so glad you guys had so much fun, and I see you guys did some tourism :)

I am sure the hotel (using the word losely... ????? ;)) wasn;t that bad... but you guys were only paying 35 for a doble room right?

Well, hope you kids get to feel better. That would teach you next time you let you husband cook.... heheheh ;)

Ingi said...

Glad you had a good time! Way to go with the Portuguese conversation! Parabens!

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

I'm glad you had a good time and I loved the pictures. I'm not sure I would have stayed at that hotel, though :) You sound like a brave and adventurous woman... probably why you make such a good Mom!!!!


Oh, I loved sharing your trip with you. It was beautiful to me. I am glad you got to go but I am glad that you got home safely. Hope your children are well very soon.

The dog looks just like the one our Second son has. His name is CJ. He is the best dog. "your" dog made me feel right at connie

Jen said...

Glad you had a good time and feel refreshed! Hope your kids feel better soon!

God's Been Good said...

Love the pics, though the place you stayed did look kind of scary! Makes me want to visit! I will be in prayer for you and your family!
Glad ya'll had a great time!


Deborah said...

Hi! I just stopped over from Dani Joys blog. Sounds like you had a great time. Great photos too!

TCKK said...

Madrid looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing Nina. Glad you had a respite.