Friday, June 5, 2009

Phobia Phriday (with the Preacher)

Welcome to the first edition of our new weekly posts about very random and often phunny phobias which have been medically documented in one reference book or another. Each Phriday we will list, define, and give an example of one of these irrational fears, fictional or otherwise.*

Peladophobia - fear of bald people
Common symptoms of peladophobia include but are not limited to: breathlessness, excessive sweating, and inability to speak or think clearly.

Admittedly, the dude with goggles is pretty scary. If I stared at that long enough, I may develop a hint of peladophobia; however, how far does this phobia go? Does it also apply to mannequins?
What about women?


Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, have a wonderful weekend in the Lord Jesus, and remember if you are peladophobic, stay away from those wig shops.

*No attempt is made to offend or belittle an actual medical condition that the reader may or may not have. If such offense was taken, we sincerely apologize, advise you to contact the applicable counselor, and avoid contact with this blog post until such phobia has been overcome.


Pilar Stark said...

Afraid of bold people!!!! hahahhaha, is that possible????... Why??????... ups..... no meaning to offend anyone but.... it is just so weird!!!

Dani Joy said...

My daddy is bald. jejeje.. I use to be afraid of him. LOL

This is a funny meme. Are there that many phobias to keep it going long? Is this Michael´s doing or yours, Nina? jeje WEll, guess you would have put from the Pastora if it was you... LOL Have you been called that yet?

Amrita said...

Pretty tame fear this one is.

God's Been Good said...

That is so funny! hahaha...afraid of bald people! One of my sisters used to be afraid of people with beards! hahha


liz said...

LOL! I'm more of a "bald is beautiful" gal. My hubby is bald. So are my babies. =)

Merryheart said...

I love bald guys! Well, at least one. My guy, SurvivalMaster is bald and I love him! The others I only admire: Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, Chris Daughtry, Glenn Morshower, John Gillespie and many more.


Anonymous said...

So funny! Glad I don't have this phobia or else FringeMan would be in trouble.


Mrs. Tracy said...

Oh~wow! I'm glad I don't have that hubby is bald and I love it ;o}
I have a fear of heights and spiders.

Starla said...

You should find out what the fear of statues is called. I have a fear of statues and found out that there are a lot of places that I couldn't live because of this fear (like Rio de Janeiro because of Big Jesus statue, lol, I know I’m afraid of a statue of Jesus). I also had posted a blog a couple years or so ago about my fear of statues and I actually have people leave comments on my blog that they are glad to see that others have this same fear and that they are not crazy either.

Merryheart said...

Of course, breathlessness, excess sweating, inability to speak or think clearly may also be due to a sudden extreme attraction. Seems much more likely, to me!


Nina in Portugal said...

Merryheart...I think you hit the nail on the head!

It's actually NOT a phobia at all is it!?