Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Fun

I'm getting old.

My interests have changed. I actually like flowers now. Must come with being "middle aged"?

Last week, I hoed up a little spot of ground in preparation for my first ever flower garden. It was just a small area, but my back would disagree with that. The next day I went into the shed in search of some heavy black plastic to lay down over the tilled up ground.

I drug it out, opened it up and memories started flooding my soul......

To those days long ago..... on the Slip~n~Slide.

I thought about how cool it would have been if the Slip~n~Slide plastic runner would have come as big as the sheet of plastic I was looking at. I made a quick mental note of the sun, the heat and my bored kids.

I put away all the garden supplies, and pulled out the water hose. I told my most daring daughter to go across to the other side of the yard, run and then slide.

She looked at me with huge eyes....she'd never heard of such a thing?! "Really, Mom?"

I convinced her I was serious and that it would be fun.......kids these days...they're so sheltered.

And finally, away she went.....laughing the whole time!

The others joined in and for 2 solid hours they laughed, ran and slid.

I won the coolest Mom award that day.


Betty said...

Memories are flooding back to me now. My kids loved their slip and slide too. Sometimes the most simple solutions are the best!
Glad they enjoyed it!

Pam said...

You are a cool mom! Great thinking!
It looks as if your yard is on a slope. If it is, I bet that made it even more fun for them!

Pilar said...

Wow, and a cool mom you are!!!

I would love to have a yard!!... but I have a little patio with a little swimming pool... :) it could be worse, I could not have anything at all :)

Dani Joy said...

Where´s the picture of you going Slippin´ and a Slidin´. OOO boy this is so fun! You didn´t tell me they were out there on black plastic!

Now that black plastic just happened to be in your shed??? We used that stuff all the time on our gardens when I was young. Those are the memories that started flooding for me. WEEDS. LOL

You definitely did the best thing with that plastic! What a great great idea! You even got the best Mom award from me too!

I would have been gettin all wet too!

Becka said...

You are so cool !!:)

I got to go get some black plastic,,LOL

Dillon always thought so,
love you girl.

Becka said...

You are so cool !!:)

I got to go get some black plastic,,LOL

Dillon always thought so,
love you girl.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Nina,
It seems like forever since we visited, I agree you did win the COOLEST MOM award!! The pictures tell it all. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting. Enjoyed your previous posts also.

TCKK said...

Hey you are a cool mom! Why didn't I ever think to do that when my kids were young!!!

Jill said...

Definitely "Coolest Mom" worthy! And btw, you are not middle aged because I am older than you and I'm NOT middle aged!

Mom said...

So thats what Lib was talking about Monday morning. She was rambling something about slip~n~slide. Looks like they were having a blast, and why didnt you get in on the fun? Where was Justice?
Im glad your enjoying flowers now. Remember the cutting of the lantana that Grandma planted in your yard in LaGrange? (right by the sidewalk) I wonder if its still living. Michael didnt want it because it would be one more thing to weedeat around. Terry says that to me because I keep planting flowers everywhere.
I say my flowers are my refuge and I spend many enjoyable hours in them. And your right it comes with age.
Love you Mom

The Herd said...

This is a sure sign that you are NOT old!!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

LOL! We bought a giant blue tarp last summer and did the same thing. Give them a bottle of cheap dish soap and they'll fly! It's almost like a bath too.


Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Great fun. Wish I had been there. Even with my OLD self, I would have been sliding. I can see all my babies having a ball. Way-to-go Mom. You have always had the coolest Mom award in my book. I love you.

Jen said...

Oh, yes...I SO remember our yellow slip n slide when I was younger!

The Webbs said...

How awesome is that!! It definitely brings back some memories! I can't believe your kids didn't know what a slip and slide was! It looks like they had fun :)

The Hat Chick said...

Black plastic and the hose....ahh! That's *real* summer. Stay cool!

whatwas said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

Starla said...

I remember slip and slides they were AWESOME!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh yes! ...presenting...for the coolest mom award...

How fun!!! haha, love that your daughter had asked "Really?"

We did this with our 3 when they were little...now they are: 1 son a college sophomore, 1 daughter, a 2nd yr dental student, 1 daughter, a 4th yr dental student & newly married!

hmmm...I am sure they would still be ready for some slip-sliding!

Blessings & Aloha!

oh...I'll be back for sure! but have to get some breakfast going!

Tracy said...

In Tennessee we call that the redneck slip-n-slide ;o}

They are so much more fun!