Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brave Little Boogers

I'm sorry I've been gone for a week. We had a family of 10 staying with us, and between meals, laundry, chaos control and preparing for a new school year...I didn't have much time for anything else.

But I'm back.....I missed you all while I was away!

My kids keep me astonished. They are the bravest little boogers.

Here they are this morning, the first day of school.

(Justice didn't want them to go, so he had to be a pesky little brother one last time.)

They we're all trying to jump out of the car before I came to a complete stop in front of the school. (What does that say about me?) They saw friends they hadn't seen all summer, and Liberty saw her teacher, which means a great deal to her...being she's the teachers pet.

Trinity actually started school yesterday. She went to kindergarten by herself without knowing anyone or understanding much of what those strangers said to her. But she did great and was brave once again this morning when all her sisters went one way laughing with their friends, and she had to go another way with the Kindergartners.

So I'm home now with a two year old little boy who doesn't know what to do with himself since there are no big sisters to aggravate. I'm sure he will zero in on me.


Mom said...

Well I think you should sit down and have a cup of that wonderful coffee you love. Are you lonley?
I remember your first day of kindergarten I cried after I left you at school.
Im proud of my grand-daughters!
Oh and by the way... Justice is 3yrs old not 2. Remember he had a birthday on Monday?
I love you! Mom

Becka said...

Your children are GORGEOUS!
Trin looks like a 16 yr old in a little girl body :o)

Are you sad or happy you got the housefor 9 mths?lol

love you girl!!

Janna Qualman said...

I'm nervous just thinking about it! Your girls are amazing, and that little boy will be, too. :)

Be blessed.

Stephanie said...

I was wondering what the school is like where your girls are going, and how you all made the decision to send them. Our family is in Chile and I can't imagine sending my kids to school here mainly because the teachers really have no authority. Of course, our oldest is 14 and the last year has been a real struggle for her due to first year culture shock and dealing with a lot of peer pressure from the teens at church. She never had to deal with much negative because she as been homeschooled since
1st grade. Needless to say Santiago Chile was a huge change from little Chattanooga, TN. Our other two are 1o and 9. They all have adjusted well and I am thankful to say that our oldest has realized she needs to have a positive influence on others for the Lord. Anyway, sorry to ramble but I was just curious. Hope you have a blessed day. I appreciate your honesty and love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are amazing! We can all learn a thing or two from them. Glad they're so excited about school. I hope they never lose the joy of learning (or of playing with their friends)! ;-)

They are adorable. Hope your son finds somebody to play with.

Jill said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable, and yes, I think they're very brave. Enjoy the time with Justice while you get it. It will be over before you can blink.

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Bless you, Mommy! You and Dad are wonderful. I am so proud of all my babies, and I am so thankful for both of you and how you are raising them. Papaw and I were talking about poor Justice. He will be lost without sisters to pester. Maybe the dog and cat will help you some.

Starla said...

LOL! Well I hope he doesn't zero in on you too much!! :o

Betty said...

I bet he feels special having you all to himself! Finally no one to take his attention away. Enjoy the quiet hours.

Dani Joy said...

Wow! they sure are brave! So is their Mommy! (in more ways than one)

What will you do with Justice all day? You and he are going to have a lot of one on one time! ;) Special.

Go Girls!! I will be praying for you this week especially as you all make the school transitions.

Big hugs!

Nina in Portugal said...


I'd love to talk more regarding homeschooling vs. public school on the mission field, but I can't get to your profile information to look for an email address. So please email me and we'll chat!


Ouch, you're right! My little boy did turn three on Monday. With our company, the poor fellow didn't get much of a birthday. We celebrated tonight at church and we'll have his "girlfriend" and her family over for dinner next week and have a pirate party!

Becka said...

Girlfriend!! he's got a girlfriend ?

He is going to be the MAN! LOL

Tori said...

Aww a new year, time sure does fly. How long have you been in Portugal now?

Your kids are adorable, sure this is gonna be a great year!

TCKK said...

Wow! Your kids are very brave. Too bad some of us adults couldn't be more that way!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yay! I'm able to catch up on my blog reading... and first of all, I have to say:

"Wow!" I am so in awe at your girls! I went back and read all the other "school" related posts that you mentioned. I would be a wee bit freaked out, but would have loved the opportunity to get immersed in a language! My mom did not keep up her language with me (Tagalog) and every overseas move with my parents growing up, I went to a DOD school or a private school that spoke English, so only had a taste of the local languages.

and when my hubby was growing up, Portuguese was not spoken in their home.

Do you all speak some Portuguese when you are in your home? or mostly English?

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Blessings & Aloha!