Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Take A Lickin.....

...but we keep on tickin.

Monday was our much anticipated "Family Day". After non-stop ministry related busy-ness, we decided to take a day for ourselves. Our plan? To leave the house and do what WE wanted to do. It was an easy plan really. Monday's have always been what we would call our "off days", but so often, and those of you in the ministry understand, it doesn't always work out like that.

On the agenda?

Lunch out
Grill out for dinner and eat outdoors (a.k.a. our campsite)
Sleep in a tent in the backyard

After leaving the house, we made a quick errand stop and while backing out of our parking lot, we were rear-ended by another car. So the kids and I sat in a hot car for about two hours while insurance men and police offers tried to decide who's fault it was. When we left, we still didn't know who's fault it was...and even today, after a visit to our insurance office, we have yet to determine who's paying for what. Things are like that in Portugal.

The other car.

Our car. Only minor damages, thank the Lord. I'd rather my car be dented than one of my kids.

So finally....off to the restaurant with grumpy kids who skipped breakfast because we were heading to a Pizza Rodízio. (basically a buffet, but they bring the pizza around to all the tables) Finally we arrived and had a great meal which even included pizza with honest to goodness pepperoni! Not just a salami that has been re-named 'pepperoni'....this was the real stuff! A rare treat for us.

Next stop, bowling. Where Faith showed out beating everyone, and Michael threw his back out. But we had a good time anyway.....

Bless her heart...someone show that girl how to bowl!

"Here's my ball daddy!" (Look at him in his bowling shoes!!)

I've always loved bowling shoes....one day I'm going to buy a pair.

Justice was worn out...and Liberty was holding his head while he slept. (She's not that sweet...I made her do it)

I guess she got tired of holding it.....

I know it looks like we're in a bar, but trust me..we weren't. It was a restaurant behind the bowling alley.....Honestly

Then finally home where we grilled out and put up the tent. Brooklyn made a peanut butter pie and we all enjoyed a piece before heading out to the tent. We played Uno by lantern, and then all laid down to sleep....

...but not much sleep was done....not by me anyway...I'm too old to sleep on the ground with only a blanket.

Overall....it was a fun day that we'll not soon forget.


Janice: AKA Nanny said...

I love it! I'm so glad you had a great day. You were brave sleeping in a tent. Ask Michael if he remembers our camp-out days in a tent, cooking on a fire and washing up in a public camp-ground bath house. It was great fun and you never remember those times. I would try it again, but now in December in Portugal. Maybe we can camp-in when we come. I still need my shopping list.

Jen said...

Glad you were able to take a day for yourselves as a family! Those are definitely important. Hope your car situation gets worked out soon!

Betty said...

Í´m sure your kids will never forget this day. Sounds like so much fun! And I completely understand why you couldn´t sleep.... :)

Becka said...

Glad everyone is o.k,
Thank the Lord !!!

Looks like ya'll had a great time,
Good for ya'll.
love ya,:o}

TCKK said...

Sounds like a fun day minus the accident. So glad no one was hurt!

Anonymous said...

What a day! The pizza looked great and your daughter's method of bowling cracked me up. Sorry about the minor accident. You know I've never slept in a tent. You are a good mom. I think I would have tiptoed back into the house and my bed after everyone had fallen asleep. ;-)

Tori said...

Wow, talk about an eventful day. Sorry to hear about the little fender bender. Luckily that damage looks like it shouldn't be too expensive to repair.

Sure we believe you weren't in a bar. Are you kidding, are there any restaurants in Europe that aren't bars? Not in Croatia, they're all some sorta bar.

You guys have great family days, no way we're sleeping in a tent, oh no. They can crash in a tent but I'm not that naive to think I'm young enough to do it too.

Anyhow, how Michael's back gets better and the car gets fixed.

Loved seeing the photos and oh yea still waiting for the arrival of "real" pepperonis in Croatia.

Pilar said...

So great! One of the things our pastor and other missionaries told us was to make sure to take one family day/off day a week, and take at least one week vacation a year. I don´t know about the vacation (we did have one this year yeah!!!) but we try our hardest to do the day off a week.
Of course with the ministry just starting it is a little easier to do ;)

Dani Joy said...

OOO hoooo look at you all bowl and look at that tent! So happy for you all! I remember setting up our tent in our back yard. I had to do it by myself and the boys waited and waited. jejeje that was about 5 or 6 years ago when we had a yard. Love your set up. what a beautiful tent.

Do we see a camping get together in the future?? Oh I hope so!

Sorry about the fender bender and the hours lost. Good for you all to keep on going with the plans. That is called staying cool!

The Webbs said...

I feel for you because I just backed into Brandon's car in a parking lot of a gas station. I didn't know he was behind me and I looked and didn't see anyone behind me and backed right into the front of his car!! More damage to my car of course and his is a company car :( Oh well, at least no one was hurt in both our situations!! I think family day is GREAT and it is a tradition you should keep going. Looks like you all had a great time!!

Love you!

Jill said...

What a great family day! And what a supermom! I would have drawn the line at the tent.

Deborah Ann said...

Aw, beautiful blog, so glad I stopped in! God bless you for your service to Him. So glad you got to have pepperoni pizza!

You're invited to visit me:


Just for laughs..and Jesus!

Starla said...

Well it all sounded fun. Well not the part about the car, Michael's back, and the sleeping on the ground.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

It sounds like a wonderful family day :o)
(except for the fender bender!...oh and except for the back throwing business!)

haha...love the bowling technique and style shown... and great job Faith for knocking them pins down!
...our son loves bowling shoes...and seriously this summer while home from college, asked after bowling, if they would sell him a pair!

...and Liberty looks like she was still holding Justice's head up with her shoulder :o)

...and too funny that you explained the background shot of the picture of you and your hubby :o) (really great picture of you two, by the way :o)

Wow! you all are good! ...to actually all sleep in the tent! How fun!

Blessings & Aloha!