Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

I have wanted to participate in Friday Photo Flashback for quite a while now, but couldn't because all of my "pre-digital" photos were in the States. However, in a few days, my Uncle and Aunt will be visiting and bringing a few of my old pictures with them!! you get to see some pictures that will really make you laugh!

Friday Photo Flashback

So for now, here is one from a few years ago. Not pre-digital, but a flashback none the less.

This is me with my African Grey parrot, Livingstone. He was named after the great missionary/explorer David Livingstone. I adored him so very much, but he was one of the precious belongings we had to leave when we moved to Portugal. He now has a home with a preacher friend of ours and is happy enjoying his life in Virginia.

(That's Justice in the pumpkin seat)


Ann Marie said...

What a shame you couldn't bring him with you!! We are stationed in Germany with the US Army and thankfully we were able to bring our border collie "cookie" with us! I love your blog button!! :)

Becka said...

I remember him,how is he??
who has him now ?
did'nt you give him to Bro Chad & them,?but now since they leaving too ,I was just wondering ,who had him now??

Pilar said...

PFP is a great meme, and brings back so many great memories :) you are going to love it!

Your hair looked nice that color btw :)

Anonymous said...

Cool bird. My aunt used to have parrots, but they would peck your fingers if you got anywhere near their cage. She loved em.

By the way, I made a scarf. I may post a picture later.


The Herd said...

How typical of a Livingstone bird--David left his family many times while he went on the field!

Anonymous said...

Done. My scarf is up for all the world to laugh at.

Your turn.


Dani Joy said...

Wow, Nina he is beautiful! What a cool bird. Did he talk? could you train him? I am glad he has a good home but it´s so hard to leave our pets. I am starting to not want so many pets now with our hamster being sick and our dog being in heat. yuck!

But once an animal person always an animal person I think.

So glad you get to do Friday Photo Flashback now! It´s so fun and I can´t wait to see all your memories!

Alicia said...

AWw! How cute! My kids would love to have a pet bird! Great flashback!

Erin said...

I can imagine that leaving beloved pets behind is the most difficult part of living overseas. I'm glad you were able to find a loving home for him. It must have made it easier.

Tori said...

Great picture. I always wonder about those pet owners that actually kiss their pets. Hmmm.

Mom said...

Tori, Livingston gave some good sugars! and his little beak was always so warm. You have to be an animal lover to kiss your animal. I kiss my dog all the time on her forehead but never, never on the mouth!
Livingston would crack you up! He laughed just like Nina, talked just like Michael, well he Talked just like all of them. I loved to just sit and listen to that bird.
Wanda, Nina's Mom