Monday, October 19, 2009

Precious Souls

.....I was having a particularly bad where nothing seemed to go right. Where my husband seemed to do everything wrong and my kids were forgetting how to do the basic things I taught them years ago, like matching clothes, brushing their teeth and putting their cereal bowl in the sink.

Then the buzzer rang from the font gate. It was the beloved delivery truck for the post office but it wasn't a box full of goodies like we usually get from time to time, it was a roll of something I could see in my husbands hands from across the den. I continued on with my normal morning routine that seemed to be getting the best of me....when he called out after me, "I hope this puts you in a better mood!"

"It's for me?" I asked.

I took the roll and saw the return label....My first though was that I hadn't ordered anything....maybe someone had sent me a gift!? Nawhhh...couldn't be.

After spending entirely too much time opening the roll, careful not to smudge, or tear or wrinkle any of the contents, I unrolled the most adorable "Portuguese Galo"!

It wasn't just beautifully drawn, but drawn entirely in MY name!! How could anything be so beautiful when it was drawn out of my name, when I had been so ugly all morning to my family. I was instantly humbled, and a tear filled my eye as I read closely and saw underneath the rooster the words, "To a dear blogger friend".

I was in disbelief.

God is so very good to have put such sweet, precious people in my life that I've never personally met. Yet these same people have ministered to my soul, time and time again.

Thank you Maria, I love it!


Click here to see other beautiful drawings by Maria and to place your order for Christmas! You won't be disappointed!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...


Thank YOU so very much! The blogging has truly been such a wonderful, amazing way to meet so many wonderful, amazing new YOU!

I knew that it would take a while to arrive and I was itching to send an email to say I had this little drawing coming your way. But wanted it to be a surprise :o) I am happy that it arrived when it did...perfect timing :o) And that it brought a little "sunshine".

You have blessed me! Sincerely! You will never know how much the little galo you had sent me meant! He is sitting sweetly in our living room cabinet. :o) I was awed that you thought to do that and took the time to get the little guy and send him to our family. (My hubby's brother hints that we pass it on to him! I mentioned, my brother in law insists that he is the one that is pure Portuguese!)

Blessings & Aloha!

TCKK said...

Nina, that is beautiful! Aren't good friends wonderful, even ones we haven't met in person!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's beautiful and such a sweet gift.


Dani Joy said...

Wow, Nina! How perfectly wonderful! What an incredible gift! I am just in awe!

Starla said...

Very beautiful!!!

Becka said...

How sweet is that,
God knows when we need our friends
to step in,,

So Sweet !!!!!

God's Been Good said...

Awe...that's so sweet!


Pilar said...

That was so very sweet and so cool!!!!!

Betty said...

Isn´t it humbling how God can use anything or anyone to speak to us?
Looks great and I´m glad for you!

Tori said...

Wow, what a precious gift. Love her art, beautiful! Going over to check out her place now!

kokorotek said...

I found your blog only recently but I enjoy every bit of it. It's awesome :)I started my own blog recently, I'm not an expat yet but wanna be one in 2 years. ;)
The gift you received is fantastic! :)

Stonefox said...

THis is so cool! isn't God awesome? But I am a little jealous...I want one!

Alicia said...

That is absolutely beautiful. And even more amazing and original that she was able to sketch your name throughout. I've never seen anything like it.

I also follow her blog, and I can tell she has such a sweetness to her, and is very genuine.