Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spotlight on Portugal

We are the Andrzejewski Family
Church Planting Missionaries in
Northern Portugal

Michael, Nina, Brooklyn, Faith Liberty, Trinity & Justice

Portugal is in western Europe, bordered solely by Spain and the Atlantic ocean. It's home to approximately 11 million people. Most of these people live along the western coast line and know nothing of our Savior's love.


We serve in Barcelos where approx 124,000 souls reside.

Barcelos is a small town known for its pottery and the most widely-recognized symbol of Portugal -- the Barcelos Cockerel.

A 13th-century legend says a pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela stopped in Barcelos and was wrongly accused of theft and sentenced to death by hanging. He was spared when he stated that to prove his innocence, the roasted rooster that the judge was about to eat would get up and crow. It did, and since then, brightly painted ceramic cockerels are sold throughout Portugal as symbols of good luck.

Barcelos Rooster


We've had the privilege of serving in this beautiful country full of culture and history for the last 20 months.

baptism at the river

We share the story of Jesus with any who will listen.

stone pic nic table




In Barcelos is a large weekly market held every Thursday for the last several hundred years. It's a tourist attraction for folks from all walks of life. It was at this market where I purchased the items I will be giving away as part of the Candle in the Corner Giveaway.


Of course I had to buy a Portuguese Rooster!!

Ceramics and textiles are two of Portugal's largest exports. However, this rooster isn't ceramic. It's metal which will help insure it reaches your home safely. The tag explains the about 6 different languages, in case your interested! ;)

click to enlarge

All of the roosters are hand painted. No two are alike.

The second item is one of the textiles that are exported, a set of three table runners.

And for this special occasion......

Drum Roll Please......

Here is my first ever vlog!

1. That's my dog panting in the background!
2. Yes, I am as country sounding as you thought I'd be.
3. I can't stand this video, but because I LOVE missions, I'm posting it.
4. I even added some of the "bloopers" at the end, so you'd know how difficult doing a vlog really is!

Thank you for your interest in missions and the Candle in the Corner Giveaway!


Tori said...

Okay, that was so much fun to watch, you are a hoot, and that accent!!!

The Herd said...

I loved getting to see YOUR vlog--it was so fun to hear your voice after just seeing your writing!
God bless you in all you do!!

Pilar said...

Oh you did a great job! :)

The items are beautiful, someone is going to be ver bless by getting them :)

sarah witt said...

Hi nina! It's sarah from botwana who is also participating in the giveaway. Just wanted to let you know I loved your post and that rooster is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your family today!

Andy, Michelle, Micah and Ethan said...

Nina - I have just found your blog and love the pictures. We presntly live in Lisbon (since Jan)and work with the IMB. We will be moving to the Porto area in July as Church Planters. We love the area and can't wait to move. I think it is interesting that you all came out of MBC. My husband's first full-time church was in Savanah and we both went to Union, so we know the area well. I would love to chat with you sometime about your ministry. Blessings - Michelle Milam

Jill said...

What a beautiful area you live in! And I love the vlog, especially the bloopers at the end.

Stonefox said...

Nina, I am laughing!! So fun!!! You did an awesome job and I'm so glad that you vlogged!! That was the icing on the cake!

Cluck cluck!! :)

Kim said...

Your vlog was great! I've done a few over the past year or so (Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee hosts periodic carnivals called "I See What You're Saying") and they always take FOREVER to do. lol I'll admit "I am fearing the camera" as they would say in Uganda. :-)

It was fun reading (and hearing) about your ministry in Portugal! Isn't it great to get to meet other missionaries?! I've become friends with a few whose blogs I've stumbled over (they leave a comment on a blog I follow or are on a blogroll I notice...) and it's just a joy to see what God is doing in other places too!

I'm up for the 7th and am trying to figure out what to write.

Becka said...

I am laughing & crying at the same time,,I GOT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE,!,!,!..
And you are still as funny as you have always been,
This is not good ,:( I miss you more now..sniff sniff :o(

But this is a great thing ,she has started,
I think its wonderful !!!

I have got to get over & read more about it ,we have been soooo,busy!
And with another death & computer going crazy ,those things are never in the plan..
anyway ,I love you so much,miss you so bad,I've needed your friendship so bad lately,you have ALWAYS said the right things,

But we will catch up one day!!(right)
I got to go ,the cry has got harder,
love you much...

Josh and Kelly said...

So proud of you for doing a Vlog! Way to go! It's been so fun already getting to travel around the world with all of you lovely ladies! Praying that God would meet you in a special way today, and grant you grace for every circumstance!

Ashley L. said...

It is so wonderful to read about your ministry! I am praying for you today! Thank you so much for taking the gospel to Portugal!

Jen said...

Lovely, Nina! This giveaway is so fun!

sarah w said...

Hi Nina! This is Sarah, from Botswana that is also participating in the giveaway! Just wanted to pop over to your site and let you know that I wish I could win that rooster! :) Have a blessed day and I look forward to getting to know yo better! Blessings!
Sarah :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Have mercy, the dog sounds like he's about to eat the camera! Too cute, especially little girl's laughter and yours at the end.

God bless you and your family as you continue to serve God's calling upon your lives in Portugal (the non-South American country).

I loved reading a bit about your ministry there and seeing the wonderful pictures. Would love to win anything this week from any country!

Blessings and peace~elaine

Betty said...

First of all, the dog in the background is hilarious!! :) hahaha, I was totally just listening to him.... And then your daughter´s voice at the end! Loved the bloopers.
I´m supposed to do a Vlog too, but can´t quite get my courage up, we´ll see!
I hope the Giveaway is a huge success!!

Anonymous said...

That was GREAT! I finally get to 'hear' you talk. You do sound southern. I don't why I was surprised, but I was. I guess when I read your blog, I do it without an accent.

That sounded REALLY stupid, but do you know what I mean? You picture other people speaking just like you.

ANYWAY, I loved it. Now when I read your blog, I'll hear your voice and read with a southern accent. ;-)

This is a wonderful project and I'm SO HAPPY that I was able to participate today.

Anonymous said...

Man! I don't think blogger accepted my last comment. If you got another comment from me, delete this one...ok?

Loved this post!!!

Mom said...

Oh my gosh... you should have put Major in the house.. all I heard was him panting! But your video was nice.
I love you and keep working!

Dani Joy said...

So great Nina! I am so burdened for Portugal but I must admit..I got all teary eyed too. I loved hearing your voice. funny I didn´t realize how much I missed you.

Love that you put the bloopers!

Portugal needs you! thank you for being there in our steed!

Great post! GReat way to introduce your ministry! PTL

Anonymous said...

Ms. Nina,

I LOVED seeing the vlog!! It was great to actually be able to see and hear you! Thanks for sharing it with us. Looks like you had a good time doing it! :)

Love you!

The Hat Chick said...

You have a great laugh! Congrats on the vlog.

I was struck by "124,000 souls". I don't often think of people that way.....that each person really is just a soul in an earthly body. Thanks for bringing that home today.

Aurora said...


I would like to help you and contribute so if you think that anyone would like a small handknitted item, I would be willing to make anything within reason. If you need pictures of finished items for examples just let me know.


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You did great!
Your dog panting in the background did crack me up haha! It looks like it would be cool and breezy, but by the sounds of his panting, makes you wonder if it is actually hot!

and I love that you daughter said... "Tape 150!"
I dont think I could ever put up a vlog, or it would at least a gazillion takes and major editing!
haha Yay for the bloopers! lol your mom's advice on her comment!

Blessings & aloha!

And your family photo at the beginning is great!

Oh! the Cultural Fusion video of Portugal really was magical :o)

Jendi said...

Love the vlog! You did fine. Although, I don't think I ever heard a dog panting in a video before. :) LOL
Hope your giveaway goes well.

God's Been Good said...

Mrs. Nina, You sound as country as me!! It was so interesting to learn more about Portugal! I know the Lord is richly blessing ya'll there!


Amrita said...

Hi Nina, really enjoyed this post. The pictures and vlog. The handicrafts are lovely.

You look stunning in the video. Your dog sounds like a train engine ha...ha...ha...

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