Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....


Decorating for Christmas accidentally happened early for the week before Thanksgiving early.

That's just not right....I know.

But...we had a great time, even Daddy participated this year which was a rare treat! Usually, after he hears the first Christmas song played on my Bing Crosby CD...that ruins him for the entire season. ---I'm still not quite sure what got into him this year to actually plan a date to decorate the tree.....and that date being BEFORE Thanksgiving. But I'm not complaining!

In trying to keep with my frugal decorating habits, I proudly purchased my first ever can of snow! I excitedly opened up the package of stencils with beautiful snowy visions dancing in my head. But what I ended up with was a huge, wet, nasty, waste of money mess. Take my advice, spend a little more and get window stickers. Snow in a can is not worth the savings.

"Yeah....It's Christmas Time in The City....I mean ....Portugal....and Nanny and Pa Paw are coming to see us!"

Finally I've got kids tall enough to reach the top of the tree. I remember when all the decorations hung on the bottom third of the tree. I would leave them there, no matter how bad I wanted to move them around after the kids bedtime. It just didn't seem right to rearrange them.

I don't have to worry about that any more......they grow up so fast!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. We had a fantastic time! After celebrating with three American basketball players that are here without family, we went on Friday about 1.5 hrs south of here to celebrate with three other missionary families. I forgot my camera...gasp! I don't have pictures. You'll just have to take my word on it....we had a great time!

Ministry opportunities are abundant right now and we are staying extremely busy these days. The services at both of the churches we are ministering in are going well, with two ladies accepting Christ as their Savior a few weeks ago!

I'm about to busy myself making baked goods in an attempt to minister here locally to neighbors and shop owners. We are so thankful and grateful for the friends God has placed in our lives these last 22 months. It's hard to believe it's almost been 2 years.

God is Good!

Love you all.....


Becka said...

Is that a real tree ??
We went got ours friday ,as we do every year the day after thanksgiving,,
will post pictures in few days of that.
So glad you had a good Thanksgiving,

Anonymous said...

Love your new family picture!

Cathy said...

I love the wreath. It's so pretty. We've already decorated too. All I have left is to hang some garland around inside my house and I need 1 more strand of lights on one of the bushes out front. It's a little bare.

Jen said...

I just love the holidays! My kids aren't tall enough yet. The decorations are abundant on the bottom third of the tree! :)

Dani Joy said...

You sound so busy! At least you won´t have any time to be homesick.

I found these really cute little bread pans about 4 inches x 2 in. I hope to make little christmas breads for our nighbors and church people.

Big hugs,
Dani Joy

Tracy said...

I just can't believe it almost Christmas! It just doesn't seem possible...

Pretty wreath by the way, you make it?

Nina in Portugal said...

Rebekah, no the tree isn't real. We don't have real trees in Portugal...only branches that one can decorate the house with to get a little of that pine smell. There are a LOT of tree huggers in Europe. That's my thought as to why we don't have real trees. No Christmas Tree farms, no going the day after Thanksgiving and cutting your own tree. Things are so much different here. We just have to look for ways to make family traditions in a foreign country. There's a certain excitement in doing that...and at the same time, a certain sadness. But we're having fun anyway!

Ladies, Don't you just LOVE that wreath!? Artificial flowers/plants are super expensive in this country for some reason so purchasing that wreath was an investment. It broke my decorating budget, which is why I tried the canned snow...BIG mistake!

Tori said...

Hey there, just popped in to say Hi!
Love the new look to the blog and the header is so nice!

We put up all our Christmas stuff, except for outside lights the Friday after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas so I want the goodies up as long as possible.

Sorry I've not been around to read, I've missed a lot. I'm back now!!

Cathy said...

Love the photos of your kids decorating the tree and your new header photo too.

BTW you have an award at my blog. Check it out and claim it when you have time.