Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 Things I Love About Liberty

My sweet, little girl Liberty just turned 8 years old.

But it was just yesterday, she was 18 months old...promise!

Lib with her teacher and a few classmates during her party at school....

We had banana pudding at church....

Starting this year I want to adopt a birthday tradition of some of my blogger friends, and list things (the number of their age) that I love about my children.

So here goes:

I love Liberty because.....

  1. She's MINE!!
  2. She's easy to please.
  3. She's very helpful, talented and gives the best hugs.
  4. She's beautiful, reminds me of my mother and always tells me she loves me.
  5. She's an excellent student, and I never have to remind her she has homework.
  6. She makes up words that make me laugh...but she doesn't know she's done it.
  7. She's sincere, honest and trustworthy.
  8. She's got Jesus in her heart!
Happy Birthday Squirty! I Love You! ~Mom


Cathy said...

Nina, such a sweet post. Your little girl is so cute. I love this birthday idea. I'll have to keep it in mind for my girls birthdays.

Janna Qualman said...

Happy Birthday! What a great tribute, Nina. :)

Paula Micheal said...

I love that idea! We have one with a birthday on Saturday and I know I can come up with 12 things about him!


Jill said...

Happy birthday, Liberty! You sound like a very special young lady!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a great tradition! Happy Birthday!

You have "Lots to love with Liberty!"

Blessings & Aloha!

Anonymous said...

This is such a good idea! I loved this post. I hope Liberty enjoyed a great birthday.


Dani Joy said...

This is beautiful! What a sweet tribute! I like the first one .. she is yours. too cute!

I am praying for a new outlook and approach to my mothering skills with my boys. I want to like them not only love them. If you know what I mean.

As always .. love the pictures. especially the one of you and Lib. now. I loved seeing you! Miss you! really really want to see you soon. Praying about when we can get together.

Dani Joy

liz said...

Sweet sweet post! I can only imagine when my now 3 year old is 8. It seems like it should be an eternity away, and yet I know that they grow so quickly. I hope your sweet one had a wonderful day!

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Lib. You are a special girl.

Mom said...

Nina says Lib reminds her of me... well let me tell you, if you could see a picture of Nina when she was Liberty's age... well maybe you would call her (Liberty) "Little Nina" also.
I love my "little Lib" (squirty birty)... and ...
my Bookie, my Faithie, my Trin-Trin.. and "J-Man"

Love Mom

The Hat Chick said...

Happy birthday Liberty! They grow up so fast!

Becka said...

Happy late b-day Liberty,
Love you,