Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dia do Pai - Father's day

Tuesday, Trinity's Kindergarten class had a party for their father's. The idea was for Dad's to stop by in the afternoon to eat a slice of Apple Cake that the kids made and for them to spend a little time playing with their children. Father's day was actually last Friday, but due to other circumstances, they had to postpone the party until Tuesday.

"My Dad" - By Trinity, Age 5

I think I see some resemblance!

Trin's siblings stayed outside on the playground while the party was taking place. (There were way too many kids in that classroom and adding my other 4 to the mix was pure chaos!)

Trin showing us all the cool puzzles she plays with.

Trin and the teacher's aid.

Daddy helping with the puzzles.

Her class.

Justice learning all about 'school'. He will be going next September.

Some of Trin's friends.

Ring around the Rosie - at warp speed.

Trinity had the first time privilege of taking her own pictures. Here are a few of the ones she took.....

Trying to squat down so Trinity wouldn't take a picture pointing up..not a good angle when trying to hide a double chin.

Check her out! 'Sass-y-frass'!

Another aid.

Snotty-nosed boy.

More of 'Sassy-y-frass'!

All is well over here. Staying busy and now preparing for the arrival of my Mom! She will be here on Monday and stay with us through Easter. The kids will have 2 weeks off from school for Spring Break starting Monday. We're praying for great weather and a blessed time together.


Jill said...

I think Trin will probably become a great photographer--just like her mom! Hope you all have a wonderful time with your mother.

Betty said...

That looked like fun. I¨m sure Trinity was so proud to show her dad everything. The pics she took were funny! :)
Have a great time with your mom visiting. I bet you´re so excited for that!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! Looks like a fun time. Have fun with your mom and enjoy the long Easter break. My kids only get Good Friday off from school. Their break is later in April...weird, huh?


Jen said...

I love how kids draw their parents! The head always seems to be bigger than the rest of the body! Looks like a fun party! Have a great time with your mom and a great Easter!

Amrita said...

Really enjoyed the lovely photos. Trin is a budding photographer!

Tori said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Trinity sure caught her dad's likeness. Very sweet.
BTW, you are looking really good, love the hair!!!

Enjoy the time with Mom!

Dani Joy said...

YOu know, there is a lot of resemblance! Trin is a spittin image of her Daddy! That´s so cool! Which one looks most like you? none of mine look like me. LOL

Love the warp speed foto! hilarious!

I can´t imagine Justice already going to school. you have a half a year to get ready. ooo my!!

Too funny about Sass y Frass! she is too much.

´Prayin for ya,
Dani Joy

Janice AKA Nanny said...

I love the pictures of all of you. Looks like you all had fun. I am missing you so much. I hope the weather is great for Mimi's visit.