Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback - Trinity


Promise not to laugh?

Here I am the night before giving birth to my fourth daughter, Trinity.

Here she is a a few days later.

And a few more days after that, at church for her dedication.

A few months after that with my parrot, Livingstone.

And a few months after that with her Mimi.

And a few years after that, (last month) here she is with her friend Ismael. grow up fast. 'Feels like yesterday'

(......All of us Mom's say it, but it doesn't make it any less true, does it?!)

I know you've been wondering where we've been. Well, we're here, doing just fine. Life seems pretty normal right now. Not much to write about. We're beginning some new phases in the ministry very soon, so hopefully I'll have some updated pics and information about all that next week.

For now, we're going to try to enjoy this weekend that is predicted to have NO rain! That means sunshine. Thank you Lord!

Have a great weekend ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Nina, you look great in that photo!!! I don't think I'll ever muster up the courage to post pregnancy pictures of me. It was bad. Very. Bad.

She was a beautiful baby. Love that first photo of her. So precious.

Glad you guys are doing well!!!

Dani Joy said...

Oh the phases in our lives!
You are a gorgeous mommy! Trinity was so adorable. She almost looks like she had a dark complection in her new born picture. ;) Look at that beautiful round head.

I have always (since meeting her that is) that Trinity has the sweetest smile!

Big hugs to all your girls.. and a high five to Justice. LOL (boys do that you know, but I will probably give him a squeeze when I see him!)

So glad you join in on FPF!

Your Neighbor,
Dani Joy

Jill said...

Great memories you shared with great photos. I've missed your blog--you always have something fun to share.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I agree! You look great when you were pregnant with Trinity... and what a sweet sleeping angel photo!

They do grow sooo fast!
Good to hear that you all are doing well.

Blessings & Aloha!

Nina in Portugal said...

Dani joy,
Trinity was jaundice. As were all my babies, for some reason. They all came out with the prettiest tan!!

God's Been Good said... sweet! She was and is still so cute!


Anita at Community Baptist, Lenoir City, TN said...

Hi Nina, Glad you're back. I've missed reading you. Beautiful pictures!

Cathy said...


Betty said...

Yes, I´m one of those mom´s that can´t believe how time flies!
I hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend!

Mom said...

Oh my sweet Trin... I just want to kiss that sweet little mouth... and it looks like her and Livingston are having a staring contest.

Hey I will be able to kiss that sweet little mouth in 2 weeks!
Yipeeee I get to see ALL my babies!

Ya'll start praying up some pretty, warm weather!

Love you Mom

Alicia said...

What sweet flashbacks! She was such a cute little baby!!!!