Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are the Chances....

...I can not show up for Thanksgiving dinner this Friday...

even though it's at my house?

Maybe I can just bring the Dixie plates and cups...

if I could actually buy them here.

How many grocery stores do I have to go to....

before I find some sweet potatoes?

How do you spell potatos..potateos...potatoes..anyway?

Could the weather be any drearier...

and is there any chance Alabama will beat Auburn this Friday?

I answer yes and no to those questions.

My precious friend Pat is bringing 'stuffing' to our dinner....

my family always made 'dressing'.  

Sweet Potatoes/potatos/potateos are supposed to be orange inside....

but here they're white.

Makes for an unattractive casserole.  

Did I mention that Pat's husband is an Auburn fan...

what are the chances I can skip Thanksgiving dinner?

(Seriously...I'm very excited about Thanksgiving and celebrating it with some of our American friends this Friday.  My casserole won't be pretty and orange, and I'll have to wash all the dishes since Dixie won't export to Portugal but I'll enjoy every last bite of Ms. Pat's stuffing and watching the Alabama/Auburn game....even if it's with Auburn fans.  All is well in my little corner of the world and I have MUCH to be thankful for.)


Anonymous said...

Your disclaimer at the bottom made me laugh. The post was cute! I enjoyed it. I was gonna go to my mom's for Thanksgiving, but I ended up in the hospital with an 'irritable' heart last week, and so now I'm going to the doct's first thing Friday morning, which means no traveling to my mom's house. So, I guess I will have to cook after all. :-(

I hope you enjoy both your company and your white sweet potatoes, although white sweet potatoes are odd.

I talked to my father last night and he said it's hard for him to feel like it's a real Thanksgiving over there. Do you feel the same or do you have enough American contact to feel like it's a 'real' holiday?

Jill said...

Making do on the mission field was always a challenge! We always laughed at the stuff we came up with that was "almost" like something from home. Have you tried adding food coloring to your sweet potatoes to make them orange? : )

Hope you have a wonderful day no matter who wins the game! (My son is rooting for Auburn.)

Jen said...

The sweet potatoes in SA are white, too! Kind of weird, huh? Happy Thanksgiving!

Starla said...

All right, I'm an Alabama fan even though I'm from Kentucky. :) Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cathy said...

We all have so much to be thankful for don't we?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly Johnson said...

Nina, for many years we thought we couldn't get orange sweet potatoes. We met a man at the praca in Ponta Delgada and he told us to ask for Batatas Abobara. It worked!! I had to buy them at the end of summer every year, but I saved them for Thanksgiving! In Japan they have purple sweet potatoes! I never used these. I used squash and didn't tell anyone! It worked!!

junglewife said...

Our sweet potatoes are white, too. Also they are more like a root, like a yam, than a potato. Still, we take what we can get, right?! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Amrita said...

Hapy Thanksgiving to all of you

Anonymous said...

Nina Andrzejewski,
I love you very much and I'm sorry about the Dixie plates... but maybe you should check on some Walmart Brand LOL.
Seriously, would it make your Thanksgiving so bad if Auburn won? What about your family in Alabama who are Auburn fans... all three of us :)
I'm happy that you are once again having a Thanksgiving dinner even though you apparently think that Thanksgiving is on a Friday... that's okay... I still love you!!! I really do!

Mom said...

Hey after reading these comments and everyone saying the sweet potatoes they get are white also.. maybe, just maybe thats the way they are suposted to be? It could be that "our" potatoes are the wrong color. Ya never know! But enjoy that casserole what ever color it may be.
As far as those dishes go.. you should have plenty of help to clean up after a wonderful meal with friends and family.
OMG... we do have soooo much to be thankful for!
I love you, Mom

Mom said...

Oh, one more thing


I wont be able to watch... nerves!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha love your post and as always your sense of humor :o) I pray that your Thanksgiving was perfect! I bet your casserole looked pretty in white too :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
I've been without a computer up at my dad's so am not once again catching up on blog reading :o)

Dani Joy said...

You are MY Nina! jeje ;) I don´t like sharing. Haven´t written in awhile and see all these ladies keeping up.

I am so sure your Thanksgiving was beautiful. You will make so many new traditions that when you come states side you will miss your little family Portugal traditions.

We have changed so much and I feel grown and shaped for the better because I have two countries, and many many more holidays. ;) among other reasons. right?

I sure do miss you. I hope and pray you have a lovely holiday season.

Dani Joy