Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Our oldest daughter Brooklyn turned 12 last week.  Feels like yesterday I was going to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning to be induced.  She was a week late and I couldn't take another day of pregnancy.  Contrary to popular belief, I don't enjoy being pregnant.  Although all my pregnancies were healthy ones without any complications and my Doctor told me I was a 'baby making machine', I did not like the discomfort of being huge, hot and irritated.  (Looking back now, I think the irritation came from not being able to drink caffeinated beverages.....Coffee solves a world of problems!)

I remember hopping around the house, be-bopping up the steps to our little townhouse just a few days after giving birth, my family amazed at my 'quick' recovery.  I told them that I felt better the day after Brooklyn was born than any day of my 9 month + 1 week pregnancy.  And every baby afterwards was the same situation.....recovering from child birth was so much easier than walking around pregnant for 9 months.

So, today I'm celebrating 12 years with that little, dark headed, jaundiced bundle of joy!  She's been a delight to help raise and I feel priviledged that God would choose me as her mother.

She celebrated her birthday this past weekend with 2 of her closest friends. The pijama party was a lot of fun and different for the two girls invited.  PJ parties aren't very popular here....but they had a great time.

So, here goes my top 12 reasons I love Brooklyn:

  1. She helps me the most with improving my language skills.  (That's after I've embarrassed her by butchering a language she speaks so beautifully!)
  2. She's an excellent student that cares about her grades and her performance in school. (Opposite of me!)
  3. Although she's not the best at keeping her room tidy, she has amazing organizational skills.
  4. She's the typical bossy oldest sibling, but does well when needed to care for the younger ones in our absence.
  5. She recognizes when I'm down, when I need a hug, when I need someone to volunteer to wash dishes, when I need time alone....she's sensitive and aware of others around her.
  6. She makes a mean fiesta chicken.
  7. She says, "Thanks Mom" a lot.
  8. She taught me how to listen.
  9. She taught me how to put someone else's needs before my own. 
  10. She still holds my hand when we walk around in public. 
  11. She has the love of Jesus in her heart.
  12. And last but not all know what's coming......She's MINE!  Thank you Lord!
"Happy Birthday Brooklyn Malena! I Love You!"
Love, Mom


    Dani Joy said...

    This is precious! She is precious! Happy Birthday Brooklyn! May you continue to grow into the woman God wants you to be. I love you and your family dearly!

    Big hugs your Neighbor,
    Dani Joy

    Tabatha said...

    Awwww! I hope through all my failures as a mom, I can say at least half the things about my oldest when she's 12 as you said about Brooklyn.
    Though I haven't been around her the last couple of years, I remember her as a sweet young lady, even at 7,8,9 years old!
    God has truly blessed you, Nina! (and blessed you too, Brooklyn!)

    Love y'all!

    Amrita said...

    Happy birthday sweetheart - you are beautiful Hugs!

    Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

    Happy, happy Birthday :o) I had to smile when you talked about be-bopping around a few days after she was born...I did the same too (but actually did love and miss so much the feeling of when I was pregnant and could see and feel them moving inside!) Hm...and although I was up and ready to roll after each of our three were born...only with the first one was my body able to "bounce" back into shape so fast...the next one took a little longer and with the third one, I sometimes think I am still battling some of that weight! haha

    Anywhooo...a beautiful girl with lots of beautiful reasons to be loved by her mama, daddy and all those around her :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I do so understand what you mean about not getting enough time to blog visit :o) excited for your family's trip to visit with all your family and friends back in the U.S.

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    Blessings & Aloha!

    manda said...

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    Mom said...

    This makes me tear up. I remember so well the day she was born... my first grandbaby.. how special she was and still is. She is a beautiful young lady!!
    I love you Brooklyn Malena!
    PS... in a week you will be sitting here on the couch with me!