Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Static Electricity

Remember that feeling..?..? When you were a kid and you tried to stick a balloon to the wall after rubbing it on your head?...or you walked around the house in your socks and accidentally touched the doorknob.. or maliciously tried to "shock" your brother? It was kind of fun when I was a kid, but not anymore. I think getting "shocked" is worse that getting a needle put in my arm!

We're winding down the meetings. We have one left. Trinity is fed-up with all this travel. She informed us yesterday, when we'd already pushed her too far, that "this was not fun!" and "she was ready to go home!" All this came after she was asked to walk on stage at a church that had about 1,000 people in attendance. As we all walked out on the platform she started to cry, and waked right back down and to her seat. She wasn't gonna put a show on for anyone! She is tired of folks looking at her! Of course, everyone in the audience thought she was cute and laughed at her, which only made it worse. She just wants to be a normal 3 yr. old. She wants her "home". And I am so thankful that in a few weeks I'll be able to give her that. It'll be new to her, but in no time, it will feel like home. Not just to her, but to the rest of us as well.

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june said...

This sounds like something Trinty's mom would do.We love and miss all of you already.
june & David