Thursday, January 24, 2008

25 Days Left!

It's after bedtime. All the kids are in bed, (Well...pallets and a portable crib). And I guess I should mention, only three of them are in bed, cause the other two are with their Daddy heading down interstate 65 to Florida to spend one last day with his Father. The time has finally come to say good-bye. The "Good-byes" haven't been too bad. Everyone has done well for the most part. I guess it could be that they are just glad to see us go??? :)

We have two meetings left to finish up, and then we're done, Praise the Lord! It's been difficult dragging these 5 kids across the United States these last 15 months. Some folks will tell you that the rigors of 'deputation' is all training for the missionary family and that it toughens you up for the trails you face on the mission field. I say...whatever it is intended for, I'm glad God only put us through 15 months of it. I hope we're "toughened up" cause I'm ready to go!!

As you can imagine, there are a lot of costs associated with moving to another country. Will you help us pray for the remaining funds we need to get things going?

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