Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Why would a 30 something couple uproot their family of seven and move across the Atlantic Ocean? Why would this same couple travel with their children all over the United States to raise support to make that move? Why would their friends and family stand behind them and support such an absurd idea? Well you see, it's not about US at all. It's about HIM and the love that God has placed in our hearts for the people of this world. Not just the American people, but for the Canadian people, for the Nepali people, for the German people, for the Romanian people and of course, for the Portuguese people. This list goes on and on. It's about the Love that God has for these same people. God sent his son Jesus, to suffer and die for the sins of this entire world. Someone has to tell them. We take for granted living in the bible belt, having the Gospel right here on almost every corner. There are countries across this world, that know nothing about this unending Love. Unless someone tells them, they'll never know. I couldn't imagine life without it. How could I expect others to live without it?

"Those poor kids," you might say. Please don't feel sorry for them. Feel sorry for the kids that have no spiritual leadership in their lives. The ones that wander aimlessly through life always searching, but never finding. Sure, our lives are chaotic and hard, but who's aren't? Our children don't have the worlds finest, but they have parents who know how to lead them to a loving God who will provide and protect them for eternity! How blessed they are. How blessed we all are who know Jesus as our personal Savior and realize what is truly important in life.


Molly said...

I love your answer to "those poor kids"! You are so right! Your kids are blessed to have you as their parents, and blessed to be a part of carrying out the Great Commission.

Holly said...

Great post! Do you mind sharing where you had your prayer card made? You can email me from my profile page if you don't mind.

Thank you!