Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Much Does It Cost?

Just in case you're wondering......

In American Dollars:
Plastic clothes hangers: $3.00 for 3
Sour Cream: It doesn't exist...ughhh
Worcestershire sauce: $4.50 for small bottle
Kiwi: $2.25 for 2.2 lbs
Furniture: don't even ask!
Oranges: Free in yard!
Tangerines: Free in yard!
Lemons: Free in yard!
5 Liter Bottle Water: .60 cents
3 bags microwave popcorn: $6.00
Peanut butter: doesn't exist
Kool-aid: doesn't exist
Cheap high chair..not so cheap: $55.00
Size 10 ladies shoe: doesn't exist
Cheapest small bottle of hair conditioner: $4.50
Smallest bottle of baby powder: $4.00
Ranch dressing: doesn't exist
Awesome cup of coffee: .60 cents
Fresh baked rolls.. the chewy kind: .15 cents ea.
Weed eater: $375.00-guess we'll pull by hand
Carrots: .50 cents for 2.2 lbs.
Tea bags: $6.50 for average size box


shannon said...


Could you get family to send you kool-aid packets, and ranch dressing packets, that you can add the mayo and milk to? I live in germany, on a military base and I have access to these things. If you would like anything please let me know. I would be more than happy to send them to you. God bless. You have such a wonderful family.

Nina Andrzejewski said...

Hello Shannon,
It's great to know you look at my blog. I've been wondering who was looking at it from "APO Armed Forces, Europe". Now I know! ---Yes we could ask anyone back home to mail us those things. I brought a little kool-aid and 2 pkts of Ranch mix with me, so I don't need them now, but in the future I will. Thanks for your comment.

Tori said...

Hey Nina,
I can so relate to all your posts and this one too.
I remember before clothes hangers went down, they were 5 for 7 dollars, I was like, "I don't think so!" Luckily they have gone down here now.
Most of the other things are similar to here but they do have sour cream but no ranch or anything like that.

Your gonna save money on fruits alone and it sounds like produce is pretty cheap there.

Happy bargin hunting!!!

june said...

Hey Nina,
Looks like some of us homefokes are going to have to step-up and send you guys some condiments, like peanut butter.

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell me what you miss the most, except sour cream (it wouldn't taste all that good once it finally got there) and I'll send you some goodies. Is there plenty of chocolate over there? You are a woman and The Lord knows we like it. Just let me know and I'll get it shipped for ya! Love you, Danielle

The Herd said...

I love this post!!