Sunday, March 2, 2008

What's For Lunch?

Can you guess what I had for lunch yesterday? This is a toasted egg salad sandwich with a side of pasta with pesto and black olives. Looks pretty good huh? Well, it was delicious! Eggs are expensive here though. Like $2.75 a dozen. Are that that expensive in the States? Pasta is cheap and the olives are cheap and are the best olives you've ever tasted. I bought these at the market just laying out in the open. I bought 1/2 kilo for about $1.50. (a little over a 1 pound) They bagged them in a plastic bag and I washed them off real good when I got home. I guess I've got to get used to buying produce in the open air. Also this lettuce is "to die for". Forget that nasty ice berg lettuce back home. I never liked it anyway! Once you taste this stuff, you'll never go back. It too is very cheap!---Potatoes are about .35 cents for 2.2 lbs!! We've eaten potatoes every night for supper. I'm running out of ways to fix them. So if you have a good potato recipe, please send it to me!

Need to run and fix Sunday dinner. Potatoes again.....

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Erica Lynn said...

Hi. I just ran across your blog. I don't know what kinds of things you have in Portugal, but this is a good recipe for potatoes. We love 'em Hope it helps. God bless!