Sunday, March 2, 2008

2nd Sunday in Portugal

2nd Sunday in Portugal
Our tiny electric mower
Lady selling chickens at market
Oh, my...isn't he handsome?!
We had a very good day today. Thought you'd like to see some pictures we've taken the last few days.


Sandy said...

Good to see the new pictures. Today at church some of us were looking at your blog. Thank you for taking the time. It means a lot to be able to see what is going on.
Love ya,

Tabatha said...

I am loving the pictures!!!! I sure do miss y'all sooooo much. We were just talking this morning about the last time we saw you before you left. Wahhh!
Anyway, I was just wondering how your grandmother was doing? Any news? Give us an update.
Oh, and give the family hugs from the Bentley bunch! (Keep praying for us, too!)

Anonymous said...

Nina, I just caught up on all of your blogs and I feel like we just had an hour long conversation, with you doing most of the talking. The pictures really help to keep us connected. Everyone looks sooo happy and the catalily is beautiful. Didn't you guys have that at your wedding? Well, I love you guys, but I do need to see some pictures of the inside of the house! If it looks anything like the outside, it is AMAZING!!!!

P.S. I don't fill out my name because I never can remember my passwords, so I just sign in as anonymous. Hope it doesn't mess you up.