Friday, July 25, 2008

Ms. Lora

Ms. Lora is a precious friend of ours. Before we were full-time in the ministry (10 yrs ago) My husband was her children's youth pastor. And a few years later Ms. Lora taught my children in Sunday school. There was an abundance of preschool aged kids that needed to get out of the nursery, so Ms. Lora saw that as a ministry opportunity. She decked out a classroom with a small pic-nic table, a rug for story time...and away she went...with an entire classroom of 3 yr old's and younger. She was always coming up with new ideas for the church. She directed Easter dramas, organized the church directory, made "Ain't' God Good Buttons" for the church and was always pulling a teen to the side to encourage him/her in the Lord. Ms. Lora is always thinking about someone else. Our family has benefited from her thoughtfulness at many times over the years, with the most recent being when she took two weeks out of her busy life as wife, mother, Meme and entrepreneur to accompany us on our move to Portugal. One thing you can't say about Ms. Lora is that she's afraid to "Live". This lady lives life to the fullest and with this daring aspect of life, comes many heartaches. She gets discouraged from time to time, and we'll get a phone call or an email. Mostly she just needs a shoulder, and an ear. We listen, tell her things she already knows and a few days later she tells us how God gave her victory, yet again! He is faithful, huh, Ms. Lora?! A few years ago, Ms. Lora was dealt a terrible blow with the tragic and unexpected death of her precious son Philip. As expected, Ms. Lora has struggled with this pain, yet rising above it, she still continues to minister to others. She recently directed VBS at her church where a precious young soul was saved. Praise the Lord! She, being the thoughtful person she is, has started a blog to help encourage others who may be suffering in the same way. Would you please pay her a visit & leave an encouraging comment. She'd do the same for me.

A Mothers Journey Through Grief

Thank You. Have a great weekend. (Bom fim de semana!...see I AM learning something in language class!)

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