Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Does This Count?

My husband and I met when we were 14 years old and shortly thereafter the sweetest love poems began to come my way. These continued all the way through high school and on into college. With the ones he wrote during college being the most precious of all. However, after our wedding day, the poems began to come less frequently. The last few months I have been asking for one of the poems like I used to get. I had hoped maybe he'd surprise me with one on our anniversary, but June 14th came and went with no poem. Well, last night I made a late night shopping trip and came home about 11:30 to find this poem from my husband on my email....how personal is that?! Anyway, I'll let you decide if I should accept it. I'll just say this...it's not what I was expecting....

The Things I Do

I'm not too good to wash the dishes
Don't think that cooking goes to far
But when you ask me to write a love song
You've hooked your wagon to a star

It's the things I do that write my love songs
From this I pray that you would understand
That from the first moment that I saw you
I've loved you more than the beaches full of sand

I'd gladly change those dirty diapers
Give the kids a bath or even more
Put on your car brand new wipers
And would never consider it a chore

Through the years my creativity has faded
My imagination lost its touch
As proven by this feeble poem
For now, writing a love song seems to much

It's the things I do that write my love songs
From this I pray that you would understand
That from the moment that I saw you
I've loved you more than beaches full of sand.

~You Better Know Who!

That's what I get for asking for it.

Update: Just for the record, and in case you were wondering, I really do like my poem. I was just giving my husband a hard time. Only one of you said it sounded like a country song gone bad (I thought all country songs were bad...) so I'll accept it and be thankful for it. (Like I wasn't going to accept it. I sure talk tough sometimes...but that's all it is..talk!)

"My Love"...I love you too!


Anonymous said...

Nina, I hope you kept those poems and love songs. Most men never do such a thing for their girlfriends or wives. I'm glad you had that experience but I also understand why you would like it to ontinue. Count yourself blessed (I know you do), but tell that son of mine that his mother thinks he needs to get back in practice. I love you both and I am so thankful that God blessed me by putting you together.

Jungle Mom said...

But it's lovely! Just perfect. How romantic.

Starla said...

It is cute. But in some ways it sounds like a country song gone bad. LOL!!! Just kidding!!!

Tori said...

Oh yea, that one counts! Bravo Bro. Michael!!

Thanks for sharing, that was sweet.

Danielle Pelkey said...

I'm gonna give it a 7 out of 10... Michael is way more talented than this poem leads on. But I would give my left pinky toe for Todd to even act like he was going to write a poem about me. Me wrote one on our 3 month dating anniversary and that has been the end of it. I love you guys. I wasn't sure if you knew it, but Joy started a blog at joyclayton.blogspot.com. Thought you might be interested. She is doing good since her tests and gets more results back on Friday. Keep praying. Love ya'll!!!

The Ballinger Family said...

Oh how sweet...I will have to show that to my dear hubby. Maybe he will be convicted. ;o}

Holly said...

How incredibly sweet!