Monday, July 21, 2008

Step Away From The Scooby Snacks!

A package from our friend, Paula Garrett arrived today. In it included all the wonderful things you see here. Paula used to work with my mother and would always send special treats to our children. As you can see, our moving to Portugal didn't stop her. She is a precious lady who promises to pray for our family daily. Her prayer alone is a special gift to us, but now we get to eat Scooby Snacks and have hazelnut creamer in our (my) coffee!! I must confess though, that after our trip to the zoo today...we're just about done with the Scooby Snacks!---It was so neat to get some of these slow cooker meal starters. I've never seen them before...and guess what..when I turned them over to read the directions....I understood every word!! Man, it sure is nice to read ALL the words on these items....God Bless America!!

We are all staying very busy. Our language classes have continued non stop since 2 weeks after our arrival in Portugal. They seem to be going well. Sometimes, I have a good day and other times, I can't wait for our teacher to leave.

Brooklyn, Faith and Liberty are having language classes now as well. Faith and Liberty have class for 1 hour, 5 days a week. Brooklyn's classes are a little more intensive, with hers lasting two hours, 5 days a week. It is imperative that Brooklyn get a good hold on the language before starting school in September, or she will be put in a much lower grade. She is working diligently so she can be with her peers this next school year. So with all these classes, and the normal "mom" things, my days are jammed full. On top of all this, the temperatures here have reached high 80's. That probably sounds like a relief to some of you, but without air-conditioning it gets pretty hot, especially when you're trying to go to sleep.


The Ballinger's said...

Ran across your blog from the Sellers' blog. Just wanted to pop in and say hi.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a blessing that package is! I know you were excited about the coffee creamer and is that a truck for J-man? Way to go Paula!
Thats what friends are for.... treats and prayers.
Love Mom

Starla said...

I came over from The Jungle Hut. That was great to get a package with your favorite items from home. I pray that you will learn the language. I don't know if I could learn another language, I speak English but sometimes people say I don't pronounce words right because of my Kentucky accent. Don't worry, God will help you with it.

Jungle Mom said...

Fun stuff. I got so excited for you just seeing the picture!!!

Jungle Mom said...

In regards to your comment, if you would leave me your email, I will not post it as I must moderate comments. I can not go into all the details of our leaving on my blog.
There is a post entitled,"This had been our home" which has most of the story, but i could answer more questions by email.

Grace said...

How special!It looks like you got some yummy treats:)The hazelnut creamer sound delicious!

Erica Lynn said...

I don't have air conditioning either, it can be brutal. I take for granted the snacks and things that are so readily available here. That is so nice that you guys got a package.

Anonymous said...

The package looks great! I know everyone must have been excited. I didn't realize that you didn't have air conditioning. We've been hitting over the 100 degrees mark this week in Alabama. It's not so bad since I have air conditioning everywhere I go. Did you guys ever get the van repaired? Just wondering. I love ya'll!!!