Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guest Blogger and Football - the real kind

Hello again, it's your friendly neighborhood guest blogger with a public service anouncement regarding some things you may need to do this next week.

1. Stock up on popcorn, pretzels, skittles, and Mountain Dew.
2. Make sure that your lucky shirt is clean.
3. Check your local TV Guide.

Football (the real one that is played with an oblong pigskin in the United States, not the one played in the rest of the world with a round, black and white checkered ball) that football season starts, and for all of you Alabama fans, here is a little picture of what it will look like in Atlanta, Georgia next week - a sea of Crimson...yes, that's right a Crimson Tide.

O Pregador


Anonymous said...

Michael, you know you put something on here that interested Terry... he actually sat here and watched the entire thing... he is ready for football..
Love you, Wanda (Mimi)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say.....

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've been to 8 football games already this year (7 for the Wildfire team and 1 for Tabernacle High School) and I must say that I love the game... although, if The Bear "ain't never been nothing but a winner," as he says, he must not be an Alabama fan any more.
OHHHH I'm talking smack on a blog! I'm just kidding of course. I wish you guys were around so that I could mess with you more with the Alabama football season just around the corner. I do miss you coming over for the games. I love you guys and thanks for keeping us updated on your lives!
Love you,

Tabatha said...

I thought this was a "spiritual" blog! Hehe!