Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Mayhem

We've had a wonderfully crazy day. It started this morning as we were getting things ready for our friends, the Mosley's to arrive. Our buzzer rang with the delivery guy delivering yet another two boxes with late arriving Christmas gifts. Everything was put on hold as we went through these wonderful gifts. As we were putting them all away and getting back to preparing for our guests, the buzzer rang again. This time it was one specific box. This box contained a gift JUST for me. Some of you ladies can appreciate this......

I was so excited! I yanked it out of the box and placed it proudly on my kitchen counter top. (Thanks Dad!)

Our guests arrived and we had not even come close to getting the things accomplished we were hoping to get accomplished. Too much excitement this morning. After a lunch of taco salad I jumped right up and made some cookies using my new mixer. I couldn't wait to use it. We enjoyed warm cookies and even warmer coffee. (We'll take any heat we can get these days!! Our house stays so cold.) This pretty baby makes life in the kitchen so much more enjoyable!

We are so thankful for precious friends. The Lord has blessed us with many in the short 10 months that we've been here. Here are a few pictures of the kids playing with John and Stephanie.


Custodio's said...

What a beautiful gift!! Good for you! Enjoy it a lot!

Pam said...

Oh it's so "purdy"! Be still my heart!

Mom said...

That gadget reminds me all the more of how much I DONT LIKE TO COOK! I'm glad you got one, and your other one is in my laundry room closet.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

A beautiful mixer! I have a story for you...a mixer story. I'll have to post it tomorrow. Enjoy making lots and lots of goodies.

Tabatha said...

I could be jealous.... she's a beauty! Perfect for making cheesecake!

God is just so good to keep blessing you with all those gifts (materially and friends)! Happy New Year to y'all!

Nina in Portugal said... has got to be a sin to let a perfectly good kitchen aid mixer sit in your laundry room closet. Something is not right about you lady!!

But on the other hand, I'm glad your keeping it safe for me!! Thanks!

Starla said...

That is a nice gift, because I would love using it to make the cookies, lol. Love the photos!

Tammy said...

Beautiful mixer! I like my KitchenAid, too, and just recently got a meat grinder attachment.