Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Declare A War

Meet Zeus

Fringegirl over at The Domestic Fringe has also gotten a beauty of a machine which she and her kids have appropriately named "Feona". A beautiful, shiny red head like this deserves to be named "Feona". She was giving me a hard time about the impending arrival of my "bad boy" the other day, to turn around and buy a commercial strength kitchen aid mixer at a discounted price, no less! To her credit though, she did give God the Glory for providing such a beauty when she was in need of a mixer. --- And if I have anything to say about it, a stand mixer is certainly a need, not a want!

So here's where you, my faithful followers come in. I need a name for this "tough guy". He's a male, not a female. I've already told fringegirl that I couldn't share my kitchen with a beauty queen like Feona. She'd give me a complex. And since my bad boy is dark gray...he needs a tough, authoritative name. Here are a few pictures in case you need to see him before you can name him:

Poor guy....he needs a name.


Anonymous said...

It could be Sampson, a very strong and handsome name. I am so happy for you. I know the Lord will greatly bless the person who sent him. And I know you will put him to very good, very frequent use.

Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. I love you.


Anonymous said...


Marcellino: Portuguese and Spanish form of Roman Marcelinnus, Meaning "WARLIKE"...?

My personal favorite, The SamsonNator. Just remember Samson fell to a woman and she was probably redheaded. :)

I don't know, but these mixers may not be best for us. I want to shrink and a diet of cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, and cakes won't help.

Have fun baking! Maybe Feona and your tough guy should do a cook-off sometime?

Anonymous said...


Which I believe is Latin for "King"

Mom said...

I looked at FringeGirl's mixer and it is very pretty. How ever not pretty enough to make me want to use it! But the cinnimon rolls looked awesome!
I wont suggest a name, I'll sit back and watch the names roll in.
Love you, Mom

Mom said...

I think I will suggest a name...
since your "tough guy" is...
DARK... GRAY....and needs an authoritative name..... how about

what cha think?

Starla said...


Nina in Portugal said...'re off your rocker!! I have ZERO respect for that man...why in the world would I name my most prized kitchen possession...Obama?!

BUTLER said...


I like that..sounds tuff..
are BUBBA whats tuffer than BUBBA??

Mom said...

You have to know I WAS kidding about the OBAMA name!

The Hat Chick said...

Brutus....steely, powerful, protector of delicious doughs and confections.

Tabatha said...

I was thinking along the lines of Torpedo or maybe Thunder, but then, I'm not as creative as the others.
I did get a good chuckle from your mom's idea! LOL!

O Pregador said...

ZEUS! Perfectly fitting for a battle against such a dainty one like Feona.

Tori said...

Okay I'm for Samson also.

This posts makes me very sad. When we came back this time to Croatia our home church bought me a new KitchenAid. It's a lovely beautiful pearl colored professional one with the arm lift. It's lovely. Right after we got here I plugged it up to use it in a converter and that was the end of it. We took it to a man here and he said we blew the computer board.
Johnny is ordering me a replacement board from the states but it takes time. Anyhoo, I'll hopefully have it for the next

Anyhow, I'm still glad you're enjoying yours.

Jungle Mom said...

The MIXanator! (Like terminator)

Nina in Portugal said...

Thanks guys.... for all your recommendations.

I think I'll go with "Zeus".

Now.....for the battle between Feona and Zeus.

You name the place and time, Fringegirl.

Zeus is waiting!

Anonymous said...

Zeus? The name Michael, your husband, suggested? Zeus is a 180 pound Great Pyreness dog that wandered down the road here the other day, along with his mate, Zenna. They were lost and 150 miles from home. I'm boarding Zenna, and a neighbor has Zeus, who keeps breaking out of any and all fencing. does all that imply that your dough won't stay in the bowl if the mixer is named Zeus???

Wish my 25 year old Kitchenaid still looked as shiny-new as yours. Thousands of cinnamon rolls, and 30 pounds (on me)later, it continues working great. Congratulations on your new toy!
Aunt Shawn

Amrita said...

Mom 's idea was really hillarious. Imagine Obama mixing your cakes. I 'd prefer Condi.

He looks sturdy - so Rambo

Rob and Deanna said...

You are getting some pretty good names. I will have to go with Theseus because I just read a Chick-fil-A book of virtues story from their kids' meal. (I know some heavy reading) Anyway, this prince volunteered to go and defeat the Minotaur that was destroying his people & Theseus won & brought home his lady too! :-) I used Mom's K.A. this Christmas & told her I could really use one of these. So happy that you received one, it will be a great "AId" I'm sure to your work. ;-)